Thursday, March 21, 2013

Get Social! Twitter Hop Linky Party!

Hello friends!! Are you ready to get social today?

I hope so, because I have gathered some of my sponsors together to host a twitter hop!
These are always a great way to meet and greet - erhm TWEET new friends!! 

I will personally be following each and every person who links up. And my lovely co-hosts have committed to also following at LEAST 10 new people, who link up. And if everyone plays nicely and follows the rules everyone should get several NEW followers. ♥ So lets have fun, link up and get social. Let the Twitter Hop and the meeting and tweeting begin!
Lets get social! Meet and tweet some new friends!
Everyone who links up will get a guranteed follow back from the host @MariaGridley!
And each co-host has committed to following at least 10 new twitter accounts.
So link up and get social. But before you do, please consider the following rules...


1. Help us spread the word with a quick tweet:
2. Follow Each of the Hosts!


3. Link up your Twitter Account

4. Follow at least 5 other linkups!

5. Send a little hello tweet to the new people you have followed!
Chances are they will follow you back!

Much Love & Hugs,
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