Sunday, March 3, 2013

Snow White Inspired Makeup

Hello hello again. 
I hope you are having an awesome Saturday! 
I am doing fabulous, and am excited to bring you another look in my  
Today's look was inspired by Snow White.
For this look I knew the colors I would have to use. And I had a few ideas for different ways I could do a Snow White inspired look. But it was still sort of a tough one for me. You all probably know by now, blue doesn't look good on my eyes. So I wanted to be sure to minimize the use of blue, but still have enough, because blue is a main color for Snow.

So I decided to have Yellow be the focus color, with a little red accent... Just like her dress. And have blue be a solo color and an eye liner under my lower lashes. Which works for MY eye color. Plus, I think any more blue and we cross over into Superman Inspired makeup! haha

The eye shadow colors I used for this look are from My Beauty Addiction in:
Royal - A Perfect Royal Blue
Romeo - Red, a gorgeous red, I love this color!
Tequila Sunrise - A gorgeous yellow

Earrings: Charlotte Is Cha Cha
This series has been so fun for me to create.  So, I really hope you all will be enjoy this series as much as I have been enjoying creating it. Ive been trying to create a new look every day, to photograph for the blog. So I am just so excited to share more with you! I hope you are too.

Whats fun is that The Hubs, and my daughter, Kiah, know that I'm working on this series, so each day they have fun trying to guess which Princess I am! Out of the 6 Princess inspired looks I have created so far, the Hubs has only been able to guess two! (And he calls himself a Disney fan! Pfffft) hehe Kiah just loves this and cant wait to see my eyes when she gets home. "Momma did you do a Princess look today!?" So cute. ♥

 I'll be linking this post up here:
Makeup Monday

Be sure to stick around, because I will be sharing more from this series throughout the next few weeks!

Much Love & Hugs,
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  1. Very beautiful!!!Love it!!!! So unusual and bright!)

  2. This is gorgeous!! You're eyes remind me of an awesome frozen cocktail!!


  3. Love the use of red and yellow on the eyes! SO unique.

  4. You look fabulous.This is probably the best look of yours.


  5. Gorgeous colors!! I'm a new follower and I love your blog :D

  6. Love this look, really really beautiful! Keep up the great work!

  7. what a wonderful make up! I love the colours!
    kisses =)


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