Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Stand Out

I'm here today with lots of pictures and not many words.
We've already established that I am Fashion Pause, because I am not always quick to follow trends.
But sometimes I do find myself intrigued by items that a little different. That stand out from the rest.
Like this high-low shirt... AKA the mullet shirt. HAHA
Its a little unusual, but I love it.
When I saw it I instantly knew I wanted it.
Its different, but fun. Plus its pink and has a cross on it.
All of which are totally awesome-pie in my opinion. :)

Nextly, I happen to find some totally awesome stand out sunnies!
I'm literally so excited about these foldable sun glasses, I cant even express how much.
I have another pair of sunglasses that I love, but cant just throw them in my purse,
for fear they will get ruined.
I love that I can just fold these up and throw them in my purse.
Easy peasy.
Not only that, they were on sale - only $5!

Anyways... While thinking of things that stand out, my brain instantly went to one of my favorite songs!
So rather than blog on about random nothingness, I thought I would leave you with it.
Check it out, I know you will love it.
And keep in mind the message: Don't be afraid to STAND OUT, that's how the LOST get FOUND!

Britt Nicole - The Lost Get Found (Official Music Video) from britt-nicole on GodTube.

What Im Wearing:
Shirt: Ross
Skinnies: Old Navy
Foldable Sunnies: Khol's
Bracelets: c/o Mila Rose Designs
Earrings: Charlotte is ChaCha

P.S. Say hello to my sweet little photog... My daughter Kiah.
Hello Kiah-Girl. Thanks for the photos, sweet love!

Much Love & Hugs,
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  1. Wow these sunnies are REALLY cool! Perfect way to not break them, right?! Cute outfit, I love your top!

  2. One, love your sunnies and your hai, gorgeous! Two, love this song! Now following you too :)

  3. That tank is super fun! Those sunnies are even better!

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  4. Cute and sweet post :)

    How funny is it that we both choose to talk about Britt Nicole on our blogs today??
    We are totally on the same wave length!!
    Awesome shades, too...can't wait for more sunshine :))

  5. Hello, hot mama!! Looking good girlie!! I love the pink top and shades!! Very fun!
    Britt Nicole rocks and so does your photographer!!

  6. love this top! i'm all about hot pink:) xoxo

  7. That top is awesome! I'm always worried that high-low tops look crazy on me, but I love the trend in a skirt. Also, loving your pink sunnies and earrings :)

    Found you via Wardrobe Wednesday. Find me at

  8. I love those sunglasses, how cool!! I need a pair!
    Georgia x

  9. I like those mullet shirts and the pink & black look great together! :)

    Those sunglasses are great.

  10. Foldable sunglasses - I love them! Thanks for joining up with WW :)


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