Friday, March 29, 2013

Style advice for small-busted ladies

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Today I have a guest on the blog, Bella Franklin. Bella Franklin is a passionate beauty and fashion writer and offers advice from style guides to cosmetic beauty treatments. She has asked to come talk about style advice for small-busted ladies. Being that I am actually the opposite of small-busted, I thought it might be nice to have a different look at style on the blog. :)  Here's Bella:

If you have a small bust, you will likely belong to one of two schools of thought. Either you will be proud of your model-like frame and be glad that you can get away with wearing virtually anything, or you will envy those with curvier frames and be perhaps considering breast augmentation.

In terms of your self-esteemand body confidence, the first way of thinking is undoubtedly the best. You should be proud of your natural bust size and learn how to show it off, and you can do it with these top style tips for small busted ladies:

·         Pull focus from your chest to your arms and shoulders. By wearing short sleeved, strappy or sleeveless garments, you can draw attention to the slimmest and best parts of your upper body without all the focus being on your chest.

·         Jump at the chance to go backless. If you have a big bust, wearing a backless dress simply isn’t an option, as a bra or some form of support will always be needed. Smaller busted girls just don’t have this problem, so embrace the chance to work this sexy look.

·         Define your waist. Cinching in and defining your waist helps to create a curvy hourglass silhouette, boost your bust and balance your top half with your hips.

·         If you’re brave, try a plunging neckline. If you have a small bust, you can wear daring plunging necklines (think Keira Knightley, who loves this look for premieres and special events) and pull off the look without the risk of ‘falling out’. As long as you avoid V-necks, which will only make a small bust look smaller, this look can be seriously sexy.

·         Wear light and bright colours. Certain colours can enhance the appearance of your bust, and light colours in particular can make your chest appear larger. Bright colours and neons, which happen to be one of the big colour trends for this season, can also do wonders for boosting a small bust.

·         Try out higher necklines. One thing that is very difficult to pull off if you have a large chest is a higher neckline, as it makes large-busted frames look far too top heavy. However, if you have a small bust, a high neckline will give you a visual boost in that area.

·         Add texture and volume with embellishments at the bust. Ruffles, detailing, sequins and sparkles can all add volume and texture to the bust. They do this by distracting the eye with detailing, rather than exaggerating the area itself. 

 However you feel about your natural assets, it's good to experiment with different clothing styles to make the most of what you've got. You never know - you might find that you're happier than you thought!

 You can catch up with Bella at or @Cosmetic_Bella

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  1. When I saw your post title I couldn't click over fast enough! Thanks for the great advice - a few of the tips I've used (like wearing ruffles or some bust line embellishment), but many of them are new ideas to me. I love them!

  2. I just wear 3 padded bras when I want them to appear bigger, my husband makes fun of me for my false advertisement lol


  3. I definitely could use these tips :) Thanks!

  4. One of my roommates in college had what I considered to be the great advantage of a smaller bust...we took a clogging class together and she moved so unself-consciously. I envied that (I had to wear two bras and was sure I looked ridiculous). I loved how in the most recent Pride and Prejudice, whoever did Kiera Knightley's wardrobe actually capitalized on her small bust. She looked willowy and beautiful, with no false pretensions to exaggerated curves that didn't exist.

    I was drawn to this post by the lovely feature picture...that t-shirt looks positively encrusted with lovely mermaid-y bling! Wish I knew what it was...buttons? Beads? Shells? Pearls!! Lynaea @


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