Saturday, April 20, 2013

Because Words Are Powerful!

As I sit here writing this,  its Thursday afternoon.
And I am in tears. *happy tears*.
Normally I dont write in the afternoon....
BUT when I am moved, I write.

So here I am... Writing, in tears.
Because of YOUR words.
Because recently... Like literally just 30 minutes ago, posted a photo on my instagram.
In that photo I asked my friends and followers to leave an encouraging word for my beautiful sister.
My beautiful sister who has been struggling to see herself as beautiful.
My beautiful sister who was recently verbally attacked by some very immature and hurtful girls.
Bringing her down lower than she has already been feeling.
And that breaks my heart.

She has been working her butt off, exercising AT HOME with TWO babies under the age of TWO.
Watching what she is eating and limiting carbs.
She has lost close to 50 pounds, and yet still feels insecure....
Still struggles to feel beautiful.

Why? Because, my friends - Words are POWERFUL!!!
Do you hear that?
Do you KNOW that!?
Do you GET that!?

My friends, you have chosen to SPEAK LIFE into my sister!
You have all spoken LIFE into ME.
Though out my weight loss journey, all the comments that were left...
All the congrats. The 'atta-girls' the congratulations, YOU my SWEET SWEET CHEERLEADERS -
YOU have all spoken life into me. 
YOU all were a HUGE part of what kept me going.
You and My Husband, and my Family and most importantly God - KEPT ME GOING!
KEEP me going!

Call me an attention hog, call me a fisher of compliments, call me what you will...
SO yes I NEED them.
But I'll step out on a limb here and say that Primary love language or not....We ALL do. 
We all do my sweet friend.

So when you choose to SPEAK LIFE into someone else, 
you darn well better feel amazing that you are making this world a better place.
This world that can be so ugly, where SOME people choose to speak DEATH into others.
Like the silly little girls who spoke cruelly to my sister...
We dont need any more of that!
We dont need it.
Isnt life HARD enough, without having to make others feel worse!
WE DON'T KNOW the struggles of others.

Those girls didn't know the struggles my sister has been having.
They didnt know that she has worked HARD to get to where she is now.
All they saw was an opportunity to laugh and make themselves feel better.
But that feeling wont last... Speaking death into others doesn't fulfill!
But speaking life DOES.

So THANK YOU, THANK YOU from the bottom of MY HEART
for choosing to speak LIFE into my sister.
Thank you for your ongoing encouragement and speaking life into me on this blog!
And please I would beg of you to PLEASE CHOOSE to ALWAYS speak LIFE into others.
THINK before you speak. Decide if you want to speak LIFE or speak DEATH.
And I promise you, they DO make a HUGE difference.

I apologize for all the CAPS.
As you can tell I am a little worked up.
I've still got tears in my eyes and running down my cheeks.
They are happy passionate tears, though.
Thank you for choosing to speak life.
I pray that we all continue to do so.
And if you want to be someone who speaks life into my sister,
please feel free to check out the photo and leave a little comment of your own!

Much Love & Hugs,
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  1. awe I did post on your picture & her. I agree you are not being selfish or anything. We need compliments in our life to know we are doing something well and it gives a big boost of confidence to keep doing that what may be so hard for us other days!

    Both you and your sister are beautiful!! Never doubt yourself! <3

  2. You are a great big sister and yes we all need to be reminded about the power of our words. Great job big sis! You look gorgeous as always, I really enjoy your blog!

  3. Wow, so amazing! So blessed to know you and the connection with your sister. You are so encouraging and genuine. Thanks for sharing this amazing part of your life! Happy Saturday!

  4. Maria ~ you have a way with putting "pen to paper" ~ and your sister is so lucky to have you! I couldn't post on the instagram pic as I don't have that, but your sister is beautiful in both pics. Not only on the outside, but her eyes show she is also beautiful on the inside. It surely makes me wish you were my sister ~ I have had those same issues my entire life. Have a Blessed Day ~ Robin

  5. I missed this picture on instagram but went back and left this comment ;)

    @kiahmyahyoung congratulations on such a huge accomplishment of losing 50 lbs! Like I have told Maria and Mona, I commented to your mom about how gorgeous all of you are, every single one of you. And you know what, it was BEFORE all of you started losing weight. The picture posted here is beautiful. It's easy to say don't let what others say bother you but it's not easy to let it go. I get that. I need to lose 180 lbs to get to my ideal weight and I only started walking a week ago and want to quit. You are so far ahead of me and each of you are such an inspiration to me. Please know you are beautiful where you are at, at this stage of your success. No one knows your story. Who ever is putting you down, that's on them. It's a reflection of them and what they need to change. You are well on your way to changing what you want to change in your life, they don't see it. I absolutely love your hair!!! xo


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