Friday, April 19, 2013

Gold & Pink EOTD (Plus Some Glee Talk)

On my Eyes:
Golden Tiara - Similar
All of these shadows were used with Shadow Poxy, and can be found at My Beauty Addiction:
On my Lips:
On My Ears:
c/o  Acute Designs Color Dipped Brass Angled Earrings.
I have to admit, that of all the looks I have created, I think I love this one the most. 
I'm sure that seems funny, because I practically say that with every new look I create!! haha
But most of my looks I only wear once, because I am so anxious to create a new look to share.
But this look, I have already worn twice.

Rumors, though, is quickly becoming my favorite go to shadow to wear, I wear it very frequently.
And there is something about it combined with the gold that just makes me happy.
Plus this look totally goes with my new earrings, and if you know me - you know I like things matchy-matchy. :) So double love points.

Since I love the eye shadow color so much, I decided I must also own the lipstick!
So, as you can see, I am also wearing Rumors on my lips! 
And its just as gorgeous on the lip as it is on the eye. 
What do you think?

Now, I also wanted to talk about the show Glee. ♥
This is rare, because I hardly EVER watch TV. I hardly ever have the time.
BUT (Back story here)...
The Hubs found a great deal on a new TV for the living room...
It was one he was eying for a LONG time. I kept saying NO because we dont need a new TV...
I didn't care that its 10 inches bigger! Sheesh, MEN! haha
But it was on sale... 
So I said if he sold our current TV, to offset the cost, he could and should definitely get it.
(Not that the decision is only up to me... BUT we agreed to always be in agreement about big purchases.)

ANYWAYS, he got this new TV. And I must admit, its awesome!
It actually gets WIFI and can get apps and all kinds of cool things.
The remote actually has a button for netflix, which is also cool.
Well yesterday I had quite a bit of free down time... Another thing that NEVER happens.
So I thought, what the heck... I'll watch TV.

Since I never watch TV, I have no clue whats on, or even hardly how to use the guide.
So I decided to check out the sweet Netflix feature on the TV.
I happened upon Glee. I have heard great things about it, and decided to give it a try.
The Hubs walked in and started giving me a hard time and teasing me about watching Glee.
Funny thing is he actually started getting into it as much as I did, and we watched 4 episodes in a row!
Yeah... It was really do nothing - lazy day.

He especially got a kick out of the Football players dancing during a game.
I think the great (and surprising) thing about this show is that its not too feminine...
Like most people (men/husbands) consider musicals and such girly.
But the show is hilarious too. Humor that even a manly man like The Hubs can appreciate.
Plus Hubs likes the actress Jane Lynch, he thinks she is hilarious (and she is).
So that really suckered him into the show too. HA

Soo... I'm open for some Glee talk.
Do you watch or have you watched the show?
I know its old (and Im not sure if its still playing on tv), but if not.. I recommend it on Netflix.
What cracks me up, is you can tell how old it is when they keep talking about everyone's Myspace pages!
I was sort of laughing to myself about that.
And Hubs just thought I was a big nerd for noticing something like that.

Much Love & Hugs,
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  1. I love your make up! WIsh you could do mine! I only wear eyeliner and concealer. I don't know much about how to put make up on and such! You always look so beautiful!

  2. I loved Glee, but I think it's really went down hill in the last season, so I quite watching. But it definitely has some great moments.

  3. Ahh thats a bummer to hear! I hate when that happens. How many seasons did it go? I always feel like some shows try to drag out so long, that they just go bad. Its like decide its time to end the show, and end it gracefully rather than drag it out and make everything lame!! I felt like that about Smallville. I LOVED that show. But its like they just drug it out, and made it stupid in the last 2 seasons. :(

  4. the earrings look SO pretty with your makeup. I love the look!

  5. I loved "Glee" in the beginning, but now I just like it. Does that make sense? It started off really well, but it's since gotten quite uhhhh sketchy, maybe? Just some of the subject matter isn't the best and a lot of the morals don't sit well with me.

  6. i loved the beginning season of Glee. sadly i'm not really a fan of the new season or new cast. but i do watch just to see what will happen. ( :

  7. Γειά σου κούκλα μου!!
    Μόλις βρήκα το μπλόγκ σου, μου αρέσει πάρα πολύ !κάνει πολύ ωραία ποστ ομορφιάς και περιποίησης και μπράβο σου :)
    πολύ καλό μπλόγκ!
    Αν θέλεις μπορείς να περάσεις μία βόλτα και απο το δικό μου και αν ενδιαφέρεσαι να συμμετάσχεις και σε 2 Give Away που τρέχουν αυτό το καιρό στο μπλόγκ μου με ρούχα !!!:)
    Ελπίζω να σε δώ στο μπλόγκ μου σύντομα!!

  8. I think that is a very beautiful color, and you wear it well. This is fun and colorful without being crazy and over the top.

  9. I love this look (so much that I linked to it on my blog, hehe), it's gorgeous! :) And I really, really like the lipstick.


  10. Watch the first season of Glee, and maybe parts of the second (Darren Criss), but unfortunately it really deteriorated. I don't watch it anymore and I was obsessed during season 1. However, do enjoy it in its first stages, cause it's amazing!

  11. Beautiful look! You pull it off well.

  12. This is so pretty! Definitely going to try and recreate the look
    Kirsty x


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