Saturday, April 13, 2013

Rainbow Eyes - Clown Doll Look

For my youngest son's 4th birthday, we threw a big circus themed party! All of his previous birthday party's have been very small, only us or immediate family, since he is so little and you know most kids dont remember birthdays that early anyways. But Since my other son, Bruce's Pirate Party we threw last year, Zander has been talking about having a big special party of his own! We decided on a fun carnival/circus theme. And of course I went all out. Including dressing up as a pretty Clown Doll. You can check out the fun party details on my Mommy Blog {here}.
I wanted to do something really fun for my makeup. Something clown like and something like a doll too.
I had pinned several ideas, but when the day came, The Hubs got sick, which left me with the last minute details all on my own. Which meant less prep time for myself. :( So my makeup was sort of rushed, and not quite what I wanted. Still it turned out pretty neat. I've always loved rainbows, and the look of very colorful eye looks.
So for this look I used 7 colors! The colors I used for this look are:
Red Hot (red)
Tequila Sunrise (Yellow)
Jealous (Green)
Karma (Purple)
Rampage (Pink)
French Vanilla 
All of these shadows were used with Shadow Poxy, and can be found at My Beauty Addiction:
I also used Rampage on my cheeks for a more dramatic bold pink blush.

Usually when I do a really colorful or dramatic eye, I like to leave the rest of my face more natural, but since I was going for a clown inspired Doll look, I knew I needed to also do something fun with my lips...
So I did a dolly like sweetheart design on my lips using e.l.f. essential lip stain in Crimson Crush. Then made the rest of my lips somewhat nude with the concealer pencil that comes with Hard Candy's Glamoflauge. And used some lip smackers clear gloss to make my lips shine. ♥
As for my outfit, I wanted to look clownish, but also cute. I was thinking of doing other color combinations for the tights and shoes... Like purple tights with pink shoes... BUT because Zander's party theme colors were red, yellow and blue... I decided to just go with Red & Yellow. Which kind of reminded me of Ronald McDonald. HAHA So I guess that worked better for the clown part, right? ;)
I had so much fun putting my baby boy's party together! (I hope you will stop by my other blog and see how it all turned out!) He had a blast and I always enjoy dressing up for a theme... It was fun being a dolly clown for the day. Though I did end up changing the last hour into jeans because my tights has static cling and my dress kept sticking. GRR... Someone tell me how to get rid of that for future reference!? Anyways, let me know what you think of the look! Do you ever dress up for your child's (Theme) parties?

What Im Wearing:
Dress: Ross
Belt: Gifted
Tights: Target
Shoes: Soda
Much Love & Hugs,
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  1. I LOVE all your makeup looks Sweety!!! I LOVE sharing them in Pinterest too! You are AMAZING! Have a great Saturday!

  2. Wow! That eye looks like a LOT of effort!

  3. I LOVE your eyes!!! I never wear makeup (hubby hates it)- so I'm jealous of all the posts you've done, especially the princess series! I never dress up to match my kids' parties.. I'd look a little weird, hahaha!!!! You are one brave mama and gorgeous!

  4. Stunning look,couldn't be better,you gave me a good idea to dress up for my boy's birthday party too!

    Enjoy Teaching English

  5. I need you to come do my makeup!!!


  6. How fun. Your awesome girl xx


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