Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Rained Out - Pink & Nude Outfit

I recently pinned a super cute outfit that inspired me, color-combo wise.
Pink and Nude. Such a simple color combination, but seriously gorgeous....
Maybe that's just me? I dont know... 
But I instantly knew I wanted to try something in those colors from my own wardrobe.

I have to say I was pretty happy with my outfit choice.
I felt super cute in this outfit, and planned on getting pictures and wearing it to run errands...
Then about 15 minutes before I was about to head out the door, 
the beautiful sunshine turned to pouring rain!

I'm the kinda girl who is always cold.
I knew I wouldn't last in the rain, in this outfit.
And was bummed that the rain also ruined my chance at photos.
I still wanted to share it though, so I grabbed some quick (not so great quality) mirror shots. ♥
Then I changed into a comfy long sleeved shirt and my boots, and headed out.

Then, I swear to you... 
Not 5 minutes after I left my house, the rain clears and the sun comes shinning through.
As it started to get heated up real fast, I just thought SERIOUSLY?!?
Ugh... So I went the rest of the day all hot in a comfy, but not as cute, outfit that was too warm for the weather. O_o 

Totally lame-sauce.
Ahh well. You all get the idea of the cuteness of this outfit anyways, right? ;)
So how are YOU enjoying the Spring weather? 
Hmmm?? haha

What I'm Wearing:
Shrug: Walmart
Top: Ross
Skinnies: Walmart
Belt: Old Navy
Heels: Payless
Earrings co: Acute Designs
Much Love & Hugs,
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  1. Cute!! I love those earrings too!

    1. Me too! Acute Designs has so pretty gorgeous earrings! Perfect for Spring!

  2. Pink is SOOOOO your color!! Gosh you look pretty and oh so feminine!

  3. Must find pink skinnies! Especially after your pink week you did! <3 it!

    1. YES. And I think now they are on sale at Walmart! They were $15 now only $9!!

  4. Love the ruffled shirt! and of course the pink skinnies!! You look great girl!!

  5. Seriously love this outfit!! It's beautiful! You're right, I've never thought of that color combo but it looks amazing.


    1. doesnt it!? I want to try more outfits in this color combo! For reals!!!

  6. I love your pink skinnies with the lace top!!

    Found you via Shanna's linkup!

    xo – Sheila
    Find me on BlogLovin!

  7. Really cute outfit! I think you do have an obsession with Ross though :)

    1. Baha yes, yes I do! Cute clothes on the cheap! Its quite ridiculous to... Like I heard they might be building one in my town, and I literally screamed with excitement! Haha my husband and friends thought I went "coo coo" but I was just so happy to think of having a Ross in town so I wouldn't have to make a special trip 45 min away to go! Lol

  8. Honestly Sugar Lips, ANY color combo would look "cute" on you!! Would LOVE to see that top a bit farther away from the camera. Looks totally adorbs!!!! Love those shoes. I would SO break my neck in shoes like those but THATS why I enjoy your clothes heavy posts SO much!!! We are built similar but you have quite a bit on me w/ height!! Well, your hair is longer, and MUCH prettier, YOU are prettier, your lips are by FAR "puffier"........Oh, CRAP!! Maybe NOT that similar, huh? Well, I AM gifted in the, ummmmm, breastfeeding area, I'm built for baby making, & I LOVE to wear my britches a wee bit snug, like you! See.........IF you word it right, we ARE similar! WHEW!! I barely got that out! Love ya Cutie Pie!

    1. Chelle,

      Ive missed your sweet comments around here!! How have you been? ♥

  9. So cute. I love your pink skinnies and your eye makeup is gorgeous. Visiting from Shanna's linkup. :-)

  10. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  11. again - you nailed it with the earrings and this outfit! i am not a huge pink lover but you make it look so cute...I might have just been inspired :).

  12. Love this outfit and it looks adorable on you!

  13. I love the nude and pink - sorry it didn't work out with the weather! Thanks for sharing with WW xo


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