Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Strange But True Facts About Me

-Ive never broken a bone in my body before.

-One sip of soda instantly makes me hiccup.

-When I was little I used to snort when I laughed. Very embarrassingly. I occasionally still do when I'm laughing hard enough! 

-My bed not only adjusts so that the head and feet of it move up and down (like a hospital bed, but way cooler), it also vibrates/massages. Heck yes! Sleep Train!

-Speaking of my bed... Apparently it does my bed hair better than I do.

-I was once featured in a "Hot Girls of Youtube" video, WAYYY back when I used to vlog on youtube (about 5-6 years ago! The guys who made the video said that I was genuine, that I seemed like the type of girl who was pretty but didn't know that I was pretty, and they also said I had a really cute nose. I believe these guys were from Ireland. Talk about insanely flattering.

-I was married and had two children before I even got my license (or learned to drive for that matter) at the age of 22!!

-My kids ride the very same bus route that I rode as a teenager.

-I still have a baby tooth.

-When I'm really concentrating on something I always end up with my lips pooched out or puckered up. I'm not sure how this happens. All I know is I suddenly realize my face feels strange and notice I'm doing this. haha

- (this one's not so much strange as it is just cute) Before the Hubs asked me to be his girlfriend in High School he sang this song to me, because he said it reminded him of me. ♥

-I have 3 birthmarks! one on my back, one of the back of my left calf and one on the side of my face believe it or not! The one on my face is very VERY faint. Not many people even realize its there.

Hmmm... That is all I can think of for now. 
Tell me what are some strange but true facts about YOU!?

Oh there was one other thing I wanted to share with you all!

A little announcement! 

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I hope some of you will join in on the fun linky!
Now before you go rushing off... Dont leave me hanging...
Be sure to share some Strange but True Facts about you in the comments below!!
Or if you want, create a post of your own and share the link with me. ♥ So I can learn more about you.

Much Love & Hugs,
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  1. I got married at twice the age that you were married - I was married at age 31 with my second child at age 39.

    I am a workaholic, always have been

    I love Asian inspired art and food

    I love the skin I am in

    I love to travel and being spontaneous

    And, I love you! xoxo

  2. Oh, and one more thing, I have no clue what the whole linky linky thing is about that you speak of cause I am not that smart about those things, and I am not so great with Twitter. And, I wish I could do the eye makeup that you do, if I did the colors that you use, I most certainly would look like a clown or from the red light district, so, I usually go with just eyeliner and mascara! Now you know lots more about me too! :)

  3. wow,some really strange facts,can't think of any about me right now.I seem to be an ordinary person,ha:(

    Enjoy Teaching English

  4. We are so meant to be BFF's!! haha I also have never broken a bone, occasionally snort when laughing, also have a baby tooth AND one sip of soda makes me hiccup instantly! I also used to be a big bully in grade school and went to college in Boston for 6 months as a fashion design major :)

  5. Weird fact: I grind/clinch my teeth so much so that I have TMJ like whoa! So now when I yawn (or chew) my jaw makes a hideous POP and usually it's very audible.

  6. Ok, a baby tooth? Really? I need more info! And your nose is adorably cute!

  7. Um, girl, you gotta link that Hott girls of Youtube video. MUST see. That's SO insanely flattering that they thought you're hott for ALL the right reasons!


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