Wednesday, May 29, 2013

A Peek Inside My Closet And Jewelry Collection! (Pictures & Video)

So I've been promising The Hubs I would clean up our closet (my side mostly) and the chaotic mess that was my jewelry and hair accessories collection! Our room usually comes last one the list of chores and ends up never being cleaned as often as the rest of the house. So a couple weeks ago I decided to take on our room (the closet mainly) FIRST. So I could be sure to get it done! This first keek is a quick video "tour" of my side of the closet and my jewelry/hair accessory collection.

Right now, most all my jewelry sits on top of my dresser, we will get to more detailed photos below. I just wanted to say that, the little necklace holder you see is something The Hubs made me one day when I told him I needed a necklace holder on the wall! He sort of just went to his shop (our detached garage) found some random items to use and put together this neat necklace hanger for me. He even put it on a hinge so that it can come out and I can see my necklaces closer! You can see how it comes off the wall in this photo on my instagram.
So here is my side of the closet. And even though my clothes look messy in the photo, they really are organized. I used to organize by color, I just thought it looked prettier. But then I was like 'Aint nobody got time fo' dat!" Also, yes I use old shoe boxes to organize things like tights, swim wear, my bras and belts!
Shoes, shoes, shoes, shoes. These are most of my shoes...At least the ones I wear most often. Most of my shoes are from payless, but some are from target, forever21 and Ross of course!

And now a closer look at my jewelry and hair accessories. If you are curious at all about the jewelry/earring stand, yes The Hubs and I made it, and you can find the tutorial for that by clicking here.

The strawberry jar holding my rings, was something I hand painted years ago. I used to have a thing for strawberries (Because I loved the cartoon/doll Strawberry Shortcake and collected her items too). 

Unicorn Farts Lip Balm is from Long Winter Soap Co.
Some of this rings I made myself, some are from premier designs, and that pink rose ring is from Annabell & Louise Designs.
Fabric covered button earrings c/o My Life As Mindy.
Shown below:
Knotietie Bands
Hand Stamped Wrap Bracelet: Jessica N Designs
DIY Seed Bead Heart Necklace
DIY Rosette Statement Necklace

I absolutely love my collection of Colorful Annabell & Louise Designs wooden earrings!
Most are c/o, but a few I purchased myself, because I love them THAT much!
The triangle cheetah print ones are from Oh Dani Girl Boutique.

Both pair of Cross Earrings are from Charlotte is Cha Cha.
Color Dipped Brass Earrings c/o Acute Designs.
The rest of the earrings are a variety of some that I made and some that were gifts to me.

There are A LOT of necklaces. Most are from Premier Designs.
And there are a lot that I made myself as well.
The Blue Bubble Necklace is from Wild Butterfly Boutique.
The Pink Heart Necklace is from Apple Of My Eye Jewelry.
The Pink Bows Necklace & The Cheetah Print Pendant Necklaces are from Oh Dani Girl Boutique.
Hand Stamped Necklace is from Amanda Lynn Designs.

Lots of hair accessories! Again, some I made myself.
Some are from Just Lovely Things, The sing bows (not on a headband) are from Curious Miss Clay.
Ive got headbands from The Posh Daisy
(thought I dont think she still makes headbands, only jewelry now),
and also Vintage Wanna Bee as well!
Ive also got pretties from Mila Rose Designs,
Much Love, Illy and the clips were made by Life Created.

Ive got bracelets from (again) Premier Designs, of course some I made.
Some were purchased from a local boutique in my town.
The rest are from Creations By J Golden, Southern Side Accessories, KaiRai and Mila Rose Designs.

Awkward picture of me at Dinner, before Prom.
It makes me laugh... Im not sure what I was doing or why I was making the silly face...
But its just so me. You'll have to click & open it in a new tab to see it full size and get a good laugh. ;)
Ok and here is another video showing some of my other jewelry as well as a look on my dresser top again.
ANNNND in the video I say that the red bubble necklace was from Wilde Buffalo Boutique, and I meant Wild Butterfly Boutique. Trying to rush words in 36 secs of video time is hard!

And lastly, this is the UPDATE, since I took these photos/videos of my closet...
A solution for my headbands!

Much Love & Hugs,
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  1. I LOVE it! Very inspiring too :) ... I should definitely be cleaning my closet right now. You would not want to walk in it... you might twist an ankle (I actually have some jewelry on the ground right now!) It's driving me crazy, but I just wasn't sure how to organize it.
    Also, that's for sharing the link to my shop :) you're always so good at doing that and I really appreciate it. I'm actually going to work on the same cheetah triangle necklace today to add to the shop again. :)

  2. Wow! I love those little strawberry pots on your dresser! Look vintage to me. Just started following from Beauty Bloggers group on fb!
    Robyn viav x vintageisavirtue blog

  3. Oh my! I'm in love with your closet/dresser! I'm a Premier Designs Jewelry Lady and LOVE to see fans of our fabulous line =)

    You are seriously a jewelry lady's dream!! haha!!

    Following you from the Olive & Ivy Group Giveaway!

    The Faithful & Frugal Fashionista

  4. Love the organization! It makes me want to go out and buy jewelry just so I can organize it like yours lol.

  5. Can you do a tutorial or something on how you made the tiered thing that you put your earrings on? I love it and need something like that for mine. Thanks!

    1. Yes there is a tutorial on my blog here:


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