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Dress for Success — Easy Grooming Habits for Your Husband

Dress for Success — Easy Grooming Habits for Your Husband 

If you haven't noticed, more and more men seem to care about their outward appearance. Perhaps it's the way they see from women swooning over Ryan Reynolds, who's perfectly groomed, I must say. With the overwhelming acceptance of metrosexuality, men who once feared being ridiculed for their highmay (high maintenance) ways are stepping out of their walk-in closets onto the well-manicured path. So now men need to realize that just because they groom themselves and dress better, doesn't mean they're less of a man.
So what does this mean for men? Well, they're becoming more interested in skincare products and top-of-the-line grooming kits. They're paying more attention to the clothes they wear, appearing as if they've stepped out of an H&M magazine rather than Big 5.
If your man hasn't realized the need to take care of himself, there's no reason to despair. Instead of articulating distaste over his habits, you can steer him in the right direction by giving him a few grooming products as gifts. By following the tips outlined below, you can ensure that this experiment will be a success.

As many women know, ideas are always better received when the man thinks they're his own. If possible, try striking up a conversation about the newfound popularity of men’s beauty products. Pick his brain and see what he most likely would be into, and find the products that he would be more willing to try without much push.

What are Some Good Gifts for Men?

If you want to fix his gnarly feet, it can be tempting to buy a kit that contains six or eight different products. However, it’s important to remember to take baby steps, whether you're addressing his toes or his nose. Men want one step solutions, and they are very wary about anything that will add time to their daily routine. Keep these facts in mind as you shop. If you'd like to suggest extra grooming of the feet, start simply with a pumice stone. Consider an electric nose hair trimmer for that single flyaway.

Unique Appeals

If you truly want your man to love his new beauty regime, or swoon-worthy clothes, find products that coordinate with his lifestyle. If he spends late nights at the office or likes to pop into the pub quite often, you may consider a rejuvenating skin cream. Products like Rescue Gel by Nickel and Facial Fuel Energizing Tonic by Kiehl’s are made with a combination of caffeine and protein, which make them the perfect cure for the morning after a long night.

While browsing for the perfect dress shirt, keep your man's face shape in mind. Why, you ask? Because wearing the wrong collar could make him look unflattering. On, Ed Young shares a video blog on how to choose the best style, and recommends that men who have long faces should wear shirts with wide collars.

Start Small

Instead of buying a bevy of face creams, consider a simple Chapstick. If he already shaves, consider getting him a shaving kit with a badger shaving brush, which foams up the cream to a nice lather, making his shave closer than ever.

With men's magazines like Details and Esquire constantly promoting a groomed dapper manhood, it might become easier and easier to get yours on board. Remember to be subtle so as not to make him insecure and start with an item or two. He may never end up with as many beauty products as you if you follow Pastor Young's advice about the correct shirts and give him a nice starter kit; it's a great place to start.

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  1. I paid close attention to what my partner seemed to feel most confident in, then I made him a tie for V-day. He wore it for a week straight! Now I have a hard time getting him out of a tie. He gets more compliments than he ever thought, which boosts his self-confidence! His birthday is coming up soon, that foot care kit is sounding pretty good.

    I'd love to have you stop on by:

  2. This is a great post! Thanks for sharing... and for linking up! Hope to see you again next week! ♥


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