Thursday, May 23, 2013

Esmeralda Inspired Makeup

Holla!! Its another Disney Princess Inspired Makeup Look!!
I know it has been a while since my last Disney Inspired look... I guess I took an unexpected (month long) break from it. But Ive had the last two looks in mind for a while and I am glad to finally bring you a new Disney look, Inspired by Esmeralda! I know she is not technically considered a Disney Princess, But I HAD to include her. I mean she is the closet Disney character that I resemble.... SO duh, she had to be in this series! (Next up, wrapping up this series, will be Mulan.)
Ok, so I must admit that I have not yet seen The Hunchback of Notre Dame! I think I may have seen part of the beginning of it when I was a kid. But now I really want to see it. I never gave that movie much thought until I started looking for pictures of her to use as inspiration for this look. Once I saw her and realized me was my Disney "look-a-like" I was like WHOA. Must. Watch. Movie. Dark skin, Long black wavy hair, green eyes... I could totally be her!! Right!? (Don't be a dream crusher now, just nod your head in agreement with me. K, thanks!)

Yes. Yes I do think about which Disney Princess I could be. I WISH I could work at Disney Land as a Princess or character. Yes I've been bummed because there weren't any Mexican or olive skinned princesses, that I could be/dress up as! BUT now I have found my girl! I'll now be Esmeralda. YAY.
The colors I used for this look are:
Anarchy - Purple, used on lid.
Turquoise -   used on crease and lower lashes.
Aged Gold - used as eyeliner on top lash line 
I used wetliner foiling serum to make this a liquid liner, doesn't it look amazing!
French Vanilla -  Shimmery cream color. Used as high lighter on brow bone and inner corners.
All of these shadows were used with Shadow Poxy, and can be found at My Beauty Addiction:
Now, lets talk about this Gold Eye Liner. Isn't it just fabulous!? This is why I just love MBA's Wetliner Foiling Serum. It turns any (loose) mineral eye shadow (or pigments) into liquid liner!! Its very simple to use, and the results are stunning, as you can see. If anyone is interested, I can do a little keek video to show you how its done! ♥
For a "Live" view of this look, check out this 30 sec keek:

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Much Love & Hugs,
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  1. Your foundation looks flawless!

  2. You look beautiful. I love Esmeralda xx

  3. stunning! it's a great movie, be sure to watch it :)

  4. Love the Disney Princess series and can't wait for Mulan :)

    Since Disney will be releasing the next Star Wars movie, why not to do Princess Leia as an encore, of sorts?
    And maybe do a Disney Villain series? Because you are simply brilliant at it!!

    Have a fantastic weekend!!

  5. Ahhhh, perfect, perfect! I had requested this look awhile back, so thank you so much for doing it! She really is the best, and you captured her look perfectly! Happy Saturday!

  6. Lovely! I love the shades you used, they just look so good together!


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