Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Insta-Fashion #2

I haven't had time to take any great outfit photos this week, even though I feel like I have been dressing really cute! ;) But with our busy schedule, I just haven't had the time... Which is why I have hardly done any makeup looks either!! So I since I do seem to take quite a bit of outfit selfies for Instagram, I figured I would share my insta-fashion photos today. If you are not following me on Instagram yet, you can find me @agapelovegirl!

SO... You may already know, but I LOVE Ross. Its like my all time favorite store. It has everything, and the prices are amazing. So I shop there a lot. And anytime we do a sisters day/night out, we ALWAYS make a trip to Ross. ♥

So when I am at Ross you can always count on insta-fashion photos of the clothes I try, whether I buy them or not! These are two shirts I tried, and liked, but didn't buy.
 Again, more from Ross...
I DID buy the Marilyn Monroe shirt, but not the dress.

Custom Photo Necklace c/o When Shutters Click Gifts

Gorgeous Metal Lace Necklace from Cents Of Style

Found & bought this gorgeous peplum dress at Ross!

I had to throw in one of my daughter's outfits. Isnt she just adorable with her little fashion sense. :)

Gym attire. Shirt is from The Shine Project.

This is what I wore to church on St. Patrick's Day.

I just LOVE these earrings from Charlotte is ChaCha

Comfy outfit. Shirt/Skinnies: Old Navy, Booties: Payless.

Skinnies: Walmart, Shirt: Old Navy, Earrings: Oh Dani Girl Boutique,
Headband: Vintage Wanna Bee, Booties: Target

Church outfit. Dress & Blazer: Maurices,  Booties: Target, Necklace: Show & Tell Faith.

Easter Sunday with my Sisters/Best Friends!
Mona is wearing Torrid, Im wearing Maurices, Alea is wearing Ross & Sammy is wearing Maurices.

Simple comfy outfit. Tank & Vest: Maurices, Skinnes: Old Navy.

Girls Get-Together outfit!
Shirt: Ross, Bow Belt: Kintageskinnies: Old Navy, Necklace: Premier Designs,
Headband c/o: Mila Rose Designs, Heels: Payless.

A quick Ross shopping trip!
I loved all of these dresses, but the problem with shopping at Ross when you are with The Hubs...
Is that he says no too much! lol So, sadly, I didn't get to buy any of these dresses. :(

Beautiful bracelet that I won from Southern Side Accessories!

And I just bought this new hair scarf from Mila Rose Designs. I LOVE it! Its so versatile. ♥
Necklace is from Wild Butterfly Boutique. And if you like it, then you should enter this giveaway.
There will be 5 winners, and each winner can pick the item they want!

Much Love & Hugs,
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  1. I am ADDICTED to Ross now. There is one in the same shopping center where I do my grocery shopping. I love both of those peplum dresses! i just bought a peplum black & white striped dress from them two weeks ago :) i think i'll go back this weekend and look for more - lol! :)

  2. great outfits Maria,loved all of them!!!


    Enjoy Teaching English

  3. I've never heard of Ross (I guess I live in a cave?). Anyway, love that polka-dot dress on you (and maybe on me). Found you via Olie & Ivy!

  4. That leopard peplum top is adorable on you. I just love it. Thanks fo rsharing with us. I have missed you!

  5. I love your makeup!! I am coming from Olive and Ivy's blog!

  6. girl you are STYLIN! you definitely should have bought the leopard peplum dress!

  7. I love your fashion sense and you're getting so tiny! Great job! So beautiful!

  8. My husband always talks about shopping at Ross. I've never seen one but where he used to live he always shopped at one, I guess. You do such a great job with your eye makeup, and you have a pretty collection of clothes, too!

  9. I have that Old Navy flannel shirt! Ya got great taste, girl frannn! xo

  10. You always have fabulous outfits! And... wow do you and your sisters look alike. Way too cute! Thanks for linking up hun. xoxo

  11. Our styles are very similar! I love that you are sexy AND classy all at the same time!! Gorgeous!
    Thanks for linking up! ♥


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