Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Pink Hearts & Gold Studs

1. I have a thing for the color combo pink & black. You can probably tell, since I wear these colors a lot.
2. I have a thing for hearts.
3. I believe you dont have to have a lot of money to be fashionable, fabulous or look good.
4. I love shopping and supporting small biz the most.... BUT...I also love shopping big biz.
5. I am obsessed with knuckle/forefinger rings right now.

Share 5 things about you or your fashion thoughts, ideas, or likes right now. ♥

What I'm Wearing:
White Tank: Target
Vest: Maurices
Skinnies: Walmart
Heels: Payless
Hair Scarf & Bracelets: Mila Rose Designs
Knuckle Rings: Walmart

Much Love & Hugs,
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  2. You are seriously so adorable, I love it!


  3. I LOVE your shoes!!

    My fashion thoughts:
    Some shoes with studs are really fugly! But subtlety is some times best.
    Pink and black are classic together.
    Accessories are THE best way to spruce up any outfit.
    I can't seem to find a comfortable pair of heels. Is there even such a thing?
    I'm a serial window shopper, but it really depresses me. A vicious circle!


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