Thursday, May 30, 2013

Why I Love e.l.f. Cosmetics (Ordering Online)

Hey friends! Today I just wanted to share a sort of "haul" type of post. 

I've always told myself I'd never be a "haul" type of girl.  I dont believe in encouraging others to spend a lot of money. And I myself hardly ever have the money to spend on haul's! SO I thought to myself I'm never gonna be that kind of blogger! BUT being the "drug store diva" and "shop on a dime" kinda gal that I am, I decided to share this post (yes in sort of a haul type fashion) on  why I just LOVE  e.l.f. cosmetics and ordering from them online!

Firstly the thing is, e.l.f. is SUPER inexpensive. I mean their products are affordable for EVERY budget! But they price does not reflect the quality at all. The quality is top notch, and I highly recommend to everyone. Let me just pause for a second, and say that no this is NOT a sponsored post, and no none of the links are affiliate links (though they probably should be! ha). I just want to share, because I just get so excited over their products and LOVE to share a good deal.

Many of you may already know about e.l.f. but I confess that I was an e.l.f. newb just last year. I heard about them, but never really looked into their products, until one day I saw that they had some kind of deal going on if you purchased online. It was something like get a 12 piece brush set FREE with orders $20 or more. FREE always intrigues me, so I checked them out. I was shocked at the low prices. SO I grabbed a few things to try, and added the code for my free brushes.

When my e.l.f. package came it felt like Christmas, the amount of items I was able to get with such little money was shocking to me, PLUS the free gift, and I wondered to myself why I hadn't discovered them sooner! haha I decided to sign up for their newsletter to always be in the know about the deals they have... And they usually have a new deal each week. My only complaint is that they do send A LOT of emails/reminders each week. But I deal with it, because I like to know when there is gonna be a deal that I want to get in on.

So now I only order when there is a deal that I just cant pass up! Here are a few I have gotten in on through this past year. Top is what I purchased, and bottom was what I got for free! Most deals are like Spend $20 or $25 and get "such and such" free. This one was spend $25 get a "Girl On the Go" set for free:

This one was spend $25, get a surprise grab bag of items worth $25 for free:

This one was spend $20 and get Someone's Favorite Picks Free. I cant remember who's favorite picks it was, but I loved her choices, so I went in on the deal. ♥ Also in the "what I bought" photo, I bought TWO of the mineral blemish powders, only one is shown cause I ran out of my current one and it was in my makeup bag!
As I said, every e.l.f. package feels like Christmas to get all the goodies you ordered, plus all the freebies! And at such a low price, I just cant resist! So I'm sharing with you all, because I cant resist telling everyone about amazing deals! So if you have never tried elf or ordered online, I definitely recommend. Especially if you love makeup but not spending a ton of money for it!!

To date, my absolute favorite items and constant re-orders are:

 And for good measure, here are a couple keeks of why I love e.l.f. ♥

Much Love & Hugs,
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  1. In my country they don´t make that generous offers :S. I order quite a lot and only get like 1 lipstick from the cheap line for free.

  2. You got some great deals! I really like elf's brushes. And I have heard great things about their hd powder.I am a new follower by the way! I really like your blog! Your EOTD's are so beautiful!

  3. I'm a straight ELF-aholic! But I just recently started keeping a separate "piggy bank" for ELF purchases and only allow myself to make $50 purchases, at max every few months. Last year I was on a buying frenzy and now I practically have an ELF store in my office, lol!

  4. Elf is the bomb! lol. I've been buying them for years! Their blotting papers are awesome and the value is so inexpensive. Just tried their setting spray and it's awesome, too. I'm planning on doing a blog post comparing it to the MAC Fix+. They do always have great deals and special offers.

  5. I am jelly green! The elf products look so great :( I'm doing my research to see if it's available for purchase in South Africa. Keeping my fingers and toes crossed!


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