Tuesday, June 4, 2013

1 Shirt, 4 Outifts // Mini-Series

Hello, sweet friends. Thanks so much for stopping by today!
Happy Tuesday. Are we happy Monday is over? ;)

Well, I am excited for today, because its the start of my "1 Shirt - 4 Ways" mini-series.
You all loved my "Pink Week" Series, so I thought I'd do it again... This time with an affordable shirt!
So I hope you enjoy! I'll be sharing an outfit a day in this series until Friday, so be sure to come back and check them out. And if you like what you see - Pin it, Tweet it, or Share it! ♥
You all probably know by now that I am not a high-end, designer brand fashion blogger. I just cant afford it. I'm a BUSY stay at home Momma of 3 kids, who are active in (expensive) sports. Two of which are boys, plus The Hubs... That makes 3 male bellies which think they are never full! And I know I am not the only one with a big(ish) family on a budget. So what I like to do is find items that look good, are fashionable, but also affordable and can be used for many different outfits and occasions.

This blue gingham top totally has all those qualities listed above, making it an instant classic and total wardrobe staple! Thus sparking this mini-series based around it. ♥ Its from Forever 21 and only cost just under $16! I decided to pair it with a green pencil skirt, that I fell in love with (also from F21). I admit this look WAS pinspired, after searching for outfits with green skirts. Because I really wanted the skirt, but wanted some inspiration myself on how I should wear it! Especially since, I didn't want to go with the boring/typical plain black or plain white shirt. Here are a few other pinspirations on how to wear a green pencil skirt 1, 2, 3, 4.

I also admit to being a little nervous about this skirt (especially with a tucked in shirt) because I do still have a little belly pooch, that I am pretty self-conscience about. However, overall I think the skirt and outfit is still pretty flattering. And would be on most body types.

Where/When to wear this outfit:
Date Night
Business (? - Maybe, its this business/work appropriate?)
Greeting Your Husband at the door. (Except maybe loose the under top for this one) *wink*
To feel like a hot momma.

What I'm Wearing:
Shirt: Forever 21
Bandeau Top: Walmart
Necklace: Brina Box 
Pencil Skirt: Forever 21 (Similar in Red)
Shoes: Payless
Bangles: Gifted

Much Love & Hugs,
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  1. You're looking great! Rocking that skirt!!

  2. I have an Orange and Pink pencil skirt I have never worn. they are when I was a 9-10. What a waste. :(

  3. I love the shirt with the skirt, nicely put together.

    Jo @ http://memosinstilettos.blogspot.ca

    POPPED OVER FROM: Kiwi's woman Style blog hop

  4. Aboslutely LOVE that skirt, it suits you so much! And I lovelovelove those shoes! Stunning! x

  5. You look stunning! I have a BW gingham shirt so I'll be following this week closely to see what other great combo's you come up with. I'm actually posting a 5 ways with mine tomorrow too!

    Thanks for sharing with WW :)

  6. Super cute outfit! The heals are fab! Visiting from Wardrobe Weds.

  7. You. Are. ADORABLE.
    I LOVE love LOVE that entire outfit!!! :)

  8. Love this outfit. Pencil skirts are flattering to most everyone.

  9. I love that shirt! I've been wanting a pink gingham top but haven't found the perfect one yet

  10. love the way you paired that skirt with your gingham shirt! :)

    C's Evolution of Style

  11. It's hard not to be so critical of ourselves, but honey you look great! Love your style! ;-)

  12. Hey, I know this post is about the shirt (and it looks cute) but I just have to tell you I LOVE your shoes!!!


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