Monday, June 10, 2013

Eye Shadow Brush Guide

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So, I have been getting lots of questions and requests to post about what brushes I use. Well its been on my to-do list for a while, but I finally made time to photograph my brushes for this post.
Let me just say, I am no expert on brushes, sometimes I use brushes for other things than intended, but hey, its about what works for you, right!? With that being said, here are all the brushes I use as well as what I use them for.
Full Coverage Brushes. I've named these brushes my full coverage brushes, because they are the brushes I use to apply color on my entire eye lid. They are the main brushes I use for full lid coverage. Brush #2 is the one I use most often, it gets the shadow on nice, even and softly. When I want to pack more color/pigments I usually use brush #1. Both of these brushes are thick and dense, and can hold lots of color/pigments so they are perfect for full coverage on the entire lid. The only difference is that #1 is round and tapered at the tip, #2 is flat and rounded at the tip. Its just the thick density of these brushes that I love for full coverage, and really holding and packing the color!

As for how I use/apply shadow with these brushes... I pack the brush with color (mainly loose shadows, but they are perfect to use for compacted shadows too) then dab on my lid. Dab, dab, dab all across my eye lid till most of the color is off the brush and on my lid and THEN I sweep the color across my lid. Doing it this way helps prevent most fall out, so you dont have eye shadow everywhere else on your face!

Brush #1 For the life of me, I CANNOT remember where I got this brush! It looks similar to my Mary Kay Brushes, but the bottom is a different shape, so I know its not from that set. And the name brand has come off of the brush. SO I cant tell you where I got it. Ive had it for years! But brushes that look similar to this be found here & here at a very low price from e.l.f.
Brush #2 is a Mary Kay Brush, I got it in a set about 2 years ago. I tried to find that same set, and it looks like they have created a new set. Because their brushes look different now. But I believe this brush is the same brush as #2, but with a new look.

Line & Define Brushes. Its pretty easy to tell from the name, what these brushes are used for. These are all the brushes I use for eye liner and creating definitely in the crease of my eye.

Brush #3 I bought from Maybelline, YEARS ago. Here is their new angled brush. This brush is perfect for gel liner, or for a very dramatic lined or cut crease. This brush can also be used to fill in and define your eye brows if you like to use powder fillers. I mostly like to use this brush line my lower lashes with eye shadow, or line my top lashes with eye shadow. I dont line my top lashes with a shadow often, I mostly use liquid liner. But this is perfect for eye shadow/liner wet or dry.

Brush #4 is from e.l.f, and is a recent (from this year at least) purchase. And I have 3 of them. This brush is perfect for liquid liner (gel liner as well)! I mainly use this brush when I use MBA's Wetliner foiling serum to turn my mineral shadows into eyeliner. (See examples of that here & here) But I also use my extra brushes for nail art as well!

Brush #5 is also from e.l.f. and is another one of my DAILY use brushes. This is the brush I use for adding color to the outer corners of my eyes and the crease of my eyes.

High Light & Blend Brushes. Again, these brushes are used exactly what I have named them for. These two brushes are also on my daily use list. 

Brush #6 is from Maybelline, again, its one Ive had for years! Here is the new equivalent to it from Maybelline. I use this one everyday as my high lighter brush, on my brow bone and the inner corners of my eyes. I love this one for my high lighter brush because its thick and wide, similar to brush #2 only its a little wider and not as dense. Its perfect for adding just a touch of color to high light my eyes.

Brush #7 is another from Mary Kay, and here is the new version of this brush from Mary Kay. This brush is very similar brush #1 only its more tapped and also not as dense. So its a little thinner, making it give shadows a very airy look. So I use this as my BLENDING brush. Mostly when I want my crease and lid colors blended, and blending the high lighter shade with my crease shade. When using this brush I usually do a light swirling motion over the shadows to blend, so there are no obvious harsh shadow lines.

And that's it, those are the brushes I use on my eyes! I hope you enjoyed and found it helpful!
If you have any questions, or requests about other beauty items I use, let me know in the comments below. 
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