Saturday, June 22, 2013

Get The Perfect Mani With Jamberry Nails! {Review & Party}

Recently I had the opportunity to review some samples of Jamberry nails c/o Heather. I have never tried them before, and had seen some really great reviews and some not so great on them before. Still I was excited to try for myself.
If you have never heard about Jamberry Nails here is a little about them:
"What are Jamberry Nails Wraps?? They are an innovative vinyl wrap that is heat (from a blow dryer or heater) and pressure activated in over 280 different designs. The difference between Jamberry and those you see in the stores, besides being heat activated, is they are made in the USA and non-toxic! 

Jamberry Nails are Latex Free, Formaldehyde Free, Gluten Free, and have no odor or chemicals. The heat activation gives you a water tight seal that lasts anywhere from 1-3 weeks on fingers and 4-8 weeks on toes. They can be applied to short nails, long nails, curvy nails, acrylics, gels, shellac, and even toddler nails! They do not peel, fade, chip or leave awful stains on your carpet that the bottle of nail polish did! You can swim, go in the hot tub, wash the dog-kids-dishes, play in the garden and LIVE YOUR LIFE and still have a perfect manicure or pedicure!

One sheet of wraps has 10 different sizes and 18 total wraps. The new and improved back is clear so that you can easy apply the correct size for each finger or toe. Each sheet will do 3-5 manicures and 4-8 pedicures! That works out to about $3.00 a mani! And you don't have to throw out what you don't use like the store bought brands!

Here's the bottom line... instead of sitting for HOURS at a salon while someone is painting designs, waiting for them to dry and cure and UV and smells... only to have them chip within days or bump them on the door handle when you leave... you can have salon perfect nails in the comfort of your own home that will LAST for a fraction of the cost! You can use the leftovers for accent nails, swap with friends or do an entire manicure again. Remember, 3-5 manicures PER SHEET! Not ready to give up your nail polish? Use Jamberry Nails as accents!

Here is a quick 36 sec video of my mani to give you a "live" look.

As you can see I used the Jamberry Nail Wraps as an accent to my nail polish. And it looks super cute! The process is actually pretty easy, and they go on almost seamlessly. As you can see there is one spot where the wrap bunched on the side. But I think that was due to the fact that it was my first time trying to apply. I did a lot better when I put some on my daughter, who's mani you can see in the photos below!
Here is a quick video of Kiah's mani:

Jamberry has soooo many adorable styles to choose from! I created this collage to show you some of my favorites!!  

If you want to try them for yourself I would LOVE to invite you to shop my online party! 

Just visit Heather's Jamberry website, and purchase the designs you want, when you go to checkout it will ask if your purchase is associated with a party and then you just click my name "Maria Gridley, Apage Love Designs".

If you have any questions, just leave a comment below, or you can contact Heather: 
Contact Info
Phone 765.655.3376

Much Love & Hugs,
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  1. I love the chevron design, and the moustaches are super cute too! :)

    Jess xo

  2. I tried them once but didn't have much success...LOL. I love the chevron print!

  3. Alisha Lampley, I don't know how long ago it was that you tried them but the have switched to a new material and you may have better luck with them! (Not just because I am the consultant for Maria's party...) I would encourage you to give them another shot! I would also like to let you know there are some new products in the works that everyone is going to love! They are just under wraps still so shhhh ;) And one last thing, if you are seriously thinking about trying Jamberry Nails I can send you a sample just message me at with youre address! If you have any other questions please contact me!

  4. Those are cute. I really like the floral. I've been wanting to try the Sally Hansen ones but they seem so expensive and I hear mixed reviews. I hate throwing money down the drain. I clean a lot and my nails take a beating. Maybe I will try these

  5. Andrea McCave if you would like a sample just send me your address on my facebook page, and I will get one out to you in the mail :) then you can decide if its worth spending money on or not! :) And don't forget if you place an order to check Maria's name at checkout!

  6. Very cute and I love the little mustache one! Found you via the mani monday link up!


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