Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Inch By Inch - Weight Loss Update

Hello sweet friends. Today I have a weight loss update for you!
I FINALLY have some good news.... 

After literally months and months and months, since November I believe, I have been STUCK at 170 lbs.
Of course probably from Nov.-Feb. it was mostly my fault. I got comfortable, and I wasn't really giving it MY ALL. But I have really been doing my best to eat right/stay under my calories, and get as much exercise in as I can! Whether its at the gym, swimming or taking a nice walk after dinner. Each week I have been weighing myself and stepping off in disappointment with those same numbers staring back at me. Frustrating me. 

Some days I would step on and see 173 or something like that. And I'd just want to cry. But I sucked it up, determined not to let it get to me. To keep trying, and remind myself that I am doing my best! For some reason my weight just didn't want to reflect that. What I found interesting though was that many people would tell me how it looks like Ive lost more weight, and ask me about it. Its such a bummer to have to say "Thanks, but no my weight is still the same!".

I was also getting very frustrated because aside from people telling me I LOOK smaller, my clothes have actually been getting baggier too! I just thought things are not adding up. Either I am just imagining my clothes seeming bigger, and people are just being nice... Or my scale is broken! lol Anyways... I'll skip the long drawn out dramatic conclusion and just tell you all the "GOOD NEWS". I have FINALLY broken through my plateau!! Wanna know by how much!?

ONE POUND. Wah, wah, wah....... Yeah its exciting and silly to me at the same time. Like SERIOUSLY... All this HARD work, and Ive only lost ONE STINKIN' POUND! haha It makes me laugh thinking about it. But at the same time I am also excited too. To FINALLY be out of 70's and holding strong at 169 lbs for  about a week and a half now... It gives me some hope.

The other thing is that Ive realized that I really AM getting smaller. My weight may not be dropping, but my body IS shaping, slimming down as I am toning up! It was not my imagination. My pants have all been getting loser. And even belts are "bigger" on me. I realized this when I put on a dress I last wore about a month ago. I had to make a new notch in the dress's belt to make it bigger to fit me. That notch is now about an inch and a half too big for me! The belts original notches fit me. So I AM in fact getting smaller... Even if my weight isn't reflecting that.

After seeing a similar photo to the one below, thanks to my girl Salena, and talking to The Hubs, and a few other people Ive realized that as I'm building muscle, my weight can still be the same even though my body is getting slimmer. Why? Well, just check out this picture below:
As you can see, even though the weight of the muscle and fat are the same, the size is a pretty big difference! Isn't that crazy!? Its also very exciting, and makes me feel so much better about all the effort I have been giving. So, my weight hasn't gone down much, but I do know that I HAVE been toning up quite a bit. My thighs and calves especially are getting pretty muscular. And even my stomach, which still has a lot of chub to lose, but when I flex you can feel my abs tightening. Its wonderful! With this new (to me) way of looking at weight loss, I have decided to start measuring my weight loss progress in a new way. Rather than JUST look at my weight, I have decided to keep track of inches. 

I really sort of wish I would have measured myself from the beginning to really see how many inches I've lost. But oh well, I'm starting now. And I am excited to see how many inches come off me each month. I know that I have lost at least an inch off my waist, judging by the belt notch thing I mentioned above... But Anyways... I had The Hubs help me measure myself, and yes I will be sharing those measurements with you! I really dont know what is typical for measurements... So these numbers seem weird to me. And if I am being honest the most embarrassing one is my arms! UGH... They are so huge and flabby/droopy. Blah. But anywho... These are my measurements current at of June 14th.
(Weight 169)

Waist: 35
Hips: 41 1/2
Chest: 39 1/2
Thighs: 26
Calves: 17
Arms: 14 1/4
Neck: 13
Butt: 42 1/4

I am excited to keep pushing and working hard to get my body in shape, and see how (and if) these numbers change much next month! I'll be keeping you posted. Thank you all so much for your interest in my weight loss journey, progress and process! You all help keep me accountable, and I love it! ♥

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Much Love & Hugs,
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  1. Congratz on your breakthrough! That shirt is fabulous - you should totally post the graphic, I know I'd love to have it as a printable!

  2. Well done Maria! I'm also on a weightloss journey and like you getting stuck! Keep it up, love the t-shirt!

    Fiona @


  3. Wonderful Maria! You keep on pushing through, you're doing amazing!!!!!! (and lots more exclamations)

  4. Yay! Hate plateaus so much.

    Now it doesn't bug me, if you notice you are getting smaller... it's all about those measurements :D I would prefer a loss of measurements over how much I weigh. That's something you can see and feel!

  5. I'm glad you realized that the scale is not the only measure of weight loss. Your measurements, however, are every telling. If you're dropping inches, you are making headway. By the way, I am new to your blog and am already a fan. I love a dramatic eye from time to time and love that you explain how to do it.

  6. Well done!! I definitely think that it's not about the number if you can see and feel the difference. Keep up the awesome work :)
    Olive & Ivy

  7. Congrats girl, that's so awesome!! I love hearing people's stories of weight loss, so inspiring :) Now follow you via Bloglovin!

    xo, Ainslee

  8. I don't wanna seem like a downer or anything, but weight fluctuates daily. Sometimes by even up to 5 whole pounds. Don't let a plateau get you down.

    BUT! Don't be discouraged! Muscle weighs more than fat. People taking notice and you noticing your clothes getting baggier just means that, yes, you have been losing fat, but staying the same weight because you are GAINING MUSCLE. Congrats!

  9. Have you thought of using any type of supplements to help increase your weight loss? Garcinia Combogia is a natural herb that helps burn fat and increase metabolism. It was featured on the Dr. Oz show as a holy grail of weight loss supplements. My friend just introduced me to a brand of coffee that uses herbal supplements to promote weight loss called Javita. (I'm a little beanpole, so I just drink the Energy & Mind blend instead). In case you're interested in checking it out, you can find it online at It might be a tastey way to help you bust through that plateau, since you're already eating right and exercising!

  10. Congratulations! And thank you for posting this, I've been running 3 to 4 times a week and doing treadmill workouts twice a week and my weight hasn't changed. Everyone kept saying I looked smaller but I wasn't seeing or feeling it, now I know why. Thank you thank you thank you.

  11. I am so proud of you!!!!!


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