Friday, June 28, 2013

Sahara EOTD

I know that color can be sort of a scary thing for some of you who prefer a more natural makeup look. But sometimes taking a risk and stepping out of our comfort zones can really do some good! You all know I LOVE color. I'm not afraid of a fun colorful eye look... But I dont often wear orange. I just dont think of orange as a color that would look good on.... And I bet you may have thought that too.

However, I decided to give an orange look a try! I must say that I LOVE the results. Orange and coral like colors are amazing for green or blue eyed gals. Just check out how much it makes the green in my eyes stand out! And even though orange may seem like a "wild" color, just look at how neutral it actually looks.... Well I think it looks pretty neutral and natural. 

I'll admit that when I was doing this look, I wasn't even sure I would like it at first. But once I was finished I was pleasantly surprised. And I think you might be too if you step out of your color box and try something fun and new for a fresh look! You just might be surprised at how well you can rock some color! So be bold and try a new color, then share the look with me! I'd love to see. ♥

All of these shadows were used with MBA Shadow Poxy, and can be found at My Beauty Addiction:
Shadows I used:
Tangelo, Cayenne, Islander, French Vanilla, and glitter in 'Sahara'
Catch a "live" peek at this look in this 36 sec video:

Much Love & Hugs,
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  1. I love orange/coral/copper shadows and your eyes look gorgeous!

  2. this makeup goes with your hair so well and your complexion too!

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