Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Eat. Sleep. Zumba. - Weight Loss Update

Hello Hello friends! Well its been about a month since my last weight loss update, and I am SUPER excited to share my update with you this Month!!! BUT before I do.... I'd like you to meet my Zumba partner and best friend... My older sister Mona.

Mona has also been on a weight loss journey, she has lost over 120 pounds! YES, she looks amazing, right!? You can follower her and her journey via instagram, and she recently started a new blog too, stop by and say hello to her. ♥ She has a kind heart and an amazing story to share.
Alrighty friends. Again, I am SUPER excited to share this months weight loss update! Since my last weight loss update, I have started doing Zumba 5 days a week instead of 3! My cool sister found out they do MORNING Zumba as well on the days they dont do night Zumba. SO she said she wanted to step it up and go to Mornings as well. So of course I was game as well! FINALLY being able to work out 5 days a week again would be good for me. ♥

What we found out is that in the mornings they add WEIGHTS!! WHAT!? YES. So its a little different. More zumba dances that are arm related and we use hand weights while we dance. Which was very exciting for me, because I had been talking to The Hubs about wanting to do more weight lifting and strength training again. I really have been wanting to work on my arms... Even though they are smaller, they still sag so bad. Its awful. So adding 3 more days of Zumba PLUS weights has been great! Zumba already gets me sweating, but with the weights... Oh GIRL, let me tell you... I'm like raining sweat when we are done.

So with this, you may be curious now what my weight loss has been. And I am happy to say that I am down to 166 now! Even though that is only 3 pounds since last month and normally a small 3 pound weight loss in a month would bother me. BUT since I've also started measuring myself, I'm not letting that number get to me as much! I'm still getting smaller, but I'm also building muscle and toning up! I'm getting stronger and that is what is important to me. Getting my body in strong healthy shape!

Now if you are curious about my measurements.... Here is the update:

                      June 14                        July 12
Waist:                35                                34.5        - Half Inch Lost
Hips:                  41.5                             40.5        - Inch Lost
Chest:                39.5                             39           - Half Inch Lost
Thighs:               26                                25.5        - Half Inch Lost
Calves:              17                                16.5         - Half Inch Lost
Arms:                14 1/4                          14 1/4      - No Change (HUGE BUMMER)
Neck:                13                                13            - No Change (Most Likely wont change)
Butt:                   42 1/4                         41.5         - 3/4 Inch Lost

Its both extremely encouraging and a bummer at the same time to see my results. I am THRILLED to have lost at least half an inch through out my body. But to see my arms have not changed or slimmed down one bit is a little frustrating! The Hubs doesn't think they will get any smaller, since its mostly just hanging skin. If I want it gone, having it surgically removed may be the only way. I'm still going to keep working on it though. We shall see. I'm still very pleased with the results and my progress. I know I can be proud of what I am doing and how far I have come. I truly am excited over all about my weight loss, and have been excited to share. I had been at a stand still in my weight loss for so long previously... That this progress has been wonderful for me to see. So there is that! The key is just to not give up!

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Much Love & Hugs,
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  1. Love that tank! I'm obsessed with zumba lately!!

  2. Way to go!! Always good to see when the commitment and hard work pays off!

  3. Awesome to see progress through measurements :D

  4. OMG look at the two of you! You both look amazing! Congratulations that you are still losing inches even if it's slowly. :)

  5. I am so proud of you. I wish I had someone to work out with... wah

  6. Great job!! I really need to get my butt in gear.

  7. Awesome! I love Zumba- I've never thought of trying it with weights but now I want to ask my teacher if I can.

  8. Congrats and continued success! I am trying to make strides in weight loss, too, and it's not easy. 20 pound loss would be wonderful for me, and that doesn't seem like a lot, but it is really hard...especially in your 40s!

  9. Thanks for being an inspiration I am down 12 lbs from 208 to 196... its been alot of work but so worth it. every couple days I go on your blog and weight for your weight update. I have also referred a few friends to your site.


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