Saturday, August 31, 2013

A Cautionary Tale - Weight Loss Update!

This post has been a long time coming. Just been dreading posting it. But when it comes to my weight loss I want to be completely honest with you. I'm not gonna sit here and pretend its all downhill once you get the ball rolling. Sure I feel like I am doing great, and looking great. But there are speed bumps.... I AM doing my best to keep at it, working my BUTT off (literally) in the gym and to eat the best I can. However, sometimes I let go and back peddle a little.

Having cheat days, or days off is totally fine, my friends. But let me just be your cautionary tale... Those days do have a PRICE. Recently The Hubs and I took a little adult only camping vacay. It was amazing, and we ended up staying longer than originally planned. So for about a week I did nothing but lounge, have fun, and eat so much junk food! It was a blast. And I knew that it would cause me to gain some weight, and I would have to hit the gym hard core after coming back... I just didn't let it bother me. I needed this break and time of relaxation. (We all do sometimes!)
However, like I said... Those kinds of days come with a price. Since starting to measure myself in addition to tracking my scale weight, I really got to see what that price was. That price was 5 pounds GAINED, and half an inch GAINED in my waist and thighs. *Palm meet forehead* I KNEW I would gain some weight... But I just didnt think I would see much difference in my measurements. I was seriously SO bummed while getting measured. I felt guilty, because I knew I did this to myself.

At the same time, I dont regret it. I meant, I enjoyed my break. But I have had to PUSH myself  HARD this month to make up for the extra weight, and to hopefully have some kind LOSS next month. Luckily, The Hubs has been able to join us ( me & my sister, Mona, pictured above with me) at the gym... And he has been helping us with weight lifting after Zumba. So next month's weight loss update should be a good one. If not, I just might cry! haha
                      June 14                        July 12                      August 14

Waist:                35                                34.5                             35 - Half Inch GAINED
Hips:                  41.5                             40.5                             40.5 - No Change
Chest:                39.5                             39                                 39 - No Change
Thighs:               26                                25.5                              26 - Half Inch GAINED
Calves:              17                                16.5                              16.5 - No Change
Arms:                14 1/4                          14 1/4                           14 1/4 - No Change
Neck:                13                                13                                 13 - Most Likely wont change
Butt:                   42 1/4                         41.5                              41.5- No Change

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Much Love & Hugs,
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  1. You are amazing for understanding that cheat days are necessary - and go you for doing weights after Zumba! I Zumba and then hit the floor, lol. And, can I just tell you that I'm super jealous that you have a workout buddy! My schedule changes all the time, so I am the only one holding myself accountable. And that - suuuucks.

    1. Oh giiiirll!!! I feel ya on the no partner thing. For a long while I actually didnt have anyone! My husband couldnt go for a while, and my sister couldnt afford the gym membership. And so I was flying solo for a few months. It does suck. Its so much easier when you have a partner and someone else to work with you and keep you accountable! Major kudos to you for still going all by yourself! YOU ROCK!!

      Zumba definitely takes it out of me most days... Its hard core! lol Especially in the mornings, because at my gym in the morning classes we also do weights! So to also do weight lifting afterwards is hard... But I need the kick in the butt. haha Gotta push it to see better results. ♥ Thanks for taking the time to read and comment.


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