Friday, August 30, 2013

Confession Time

Hello, hello, and happy Friday sweet friends!
Welcome back to this bi-weekly series I'm doing with Michelle of Let it Shine.
This series is called "I Confess" and we will be doing just that, fessing up!
And the awesome thing about this series, is it is a linky party too!
So YOU can join in on the fun, so go ahead... Get stuff off your chest...Fess up.
I confess... Outfit post + Confession post = Two Birds, One Stone, Blogger win. In my opinion. ♥

I confess.... I really MISS writing. Like writing good content for this blog. I feel like a slight failure lately, only having mostly photo posts. I'd like to offer more here, but life is just SUPER busy for me right now. I hope you all still enjoy this space.

I confess... I really hate always saying life is "super busy"! I feel like I always say that and it feels like an excuse. But its the truth. And really I think I will always be super busy. I just need to re-work my schedule a little bit. It has changed a lot since kicking up my workout routine. 

I confess... As much as I love blogging, right now, working out trumps blogging. Which is why the blog may be lacking a bit. I do apologize for that, but again, I do hope you all still enjoy this space. As well as the things I do have time to share!

I confess... I think you all need to get the keek app and follow me there... Especially if you like awkward laughing, random bits of daily life and more beauty talk! 36 second videos are a lot easier to create with my busy time frame... So I have been sharing a lot on there.

I confess... I have been feeling really feisty lately.

I confess...I eat salad like a pig. Like stuff my face - totally chow down kind of eating. I always think it would be embarrassing for anyone to see me eat like this. For some reason this only happens with salad. I'm totally capable of eating anything else like a normal human. Lol

I confess... I still actually have a 50% off code for all my ad spots. I was gonna just have it be a one day special, but Ive been too lazy to disable it. Feel free to take advantage of my laziness. Use code AGAPELOVE to get 50% off any ad space.

I confess... I kind of already shared this outfit, on my other blog. But I figured it was "safe" to share here, since I dont have very many readers on my other blog.

I confess... I seriously L♥VE the casual cuteness of this outfit. Plus its a great color combo!! Right? ♥

What I am Wearing:
Tank Top: Walmart
Skinnies: Walmart
Shoes c/o: Sugar Love Boutique
Necklace c/o: Wild Butterfly Boutique
Earrings: Charlotte is ChaCha

Ok friends, your turn...Link up YOUR confessions!
There are no rules for this linky, except that the post you link up be a confessions post!
ALSO it would be fabulous if you could link back to one of us!
If you want, you can save the Confession photo above to use in your post if you want, only if you want. ;)

Much Love & Hugs,
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  1. Hehe! Thanks for confessioning! Love that turquoise necklace and your expressions! Very pretty post! Thanks for linking up to #fashionfriday

  2. You make me laugh! Don't worry about blog neglect. We all have to do it. Your life, health and family MUST come first. I applaud you getting dressed, fresh-faced and snapping photos on a regular basis. I'm lucky to have time to venture outside of my jeans and T-shirts for a style post. I swear the only way I would have time is if I was up at 5 AM instead of 6 AM everyday. This ends me with a lot of favorites posts and DIY posts, like today! LOL!

    Love you, girl!

  3. I'm in love with your necklace! Turquoise looks great on you :)

  4. Such a cute, bright outfit! Absolutely loving these colors together :)


  5. You're SO BEAUTIFUL. I love your silly selfie!

  6. This was fun to read, I already love your sweetness on keek:) I have a blog too but still figuring it out. Hugs


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