Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Engagement Portraits| Josh & Holly | Red Bluff Photography

You all probably know by I am no longer doing photography (as a job) anymore.
But I still had a few sessions I did and never shared here on the blog.
So, I figured I better share... Especially because this one is a good one. DEFINITELY worth sharing!

See the thing is, these were supposed to be a mixture of Senior Portraits and Couple Portraits.
BUT, this handsome young man, Josh, (who happens to be my nephew actually) was planning on proposing to his girlfriend, Holly. He did it in the cutest and a little sneaky way. You will have to see the photos below to see how he did it!
How adorable are they!? Aside from the fact that Josh likes to look like a total creeper in the background. HA... I can say that, he is my nephew. BUT he is still so adorably handsome, so its all good.
Holly is just so naturally beautiful.
I love these ones in back and white... Both Holly and Josh are sort of "Old Souls" so these seem to reflect that side of them. In my opinion at least.
These are their promise/purity rings.
Ok so here is the thing... Holly had NO CLUE what the message on the Chalkboard Heart said!! She was told not to look. So we did two photos... One with the question, and one with "engaged" as you can see. His mom had them printed out, and at his Graduation/Going away party (he is off to the Army) he got down on one knee and presented the photo to her. After she said yes, the "engaged" photo was put up on a big screen for all to see! Super sweet, right!? ♥♥♥

Much Love & Hugs,
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  1. Ok, that was adorable :) What a great way to propose! And good job on the pics!

  2. Those are great photos!! Love the story about the sign!

  3. What a great idea! Those came out great and what a cute couple. :)


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