Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Urban Decay Ammo Palette EOTD Pictorial

Hello friends. Happy hump day. We are almost through the week! Hooray, we got this! ;)
Yeah... We all need a little cheering every once in a while. I got you. 

Well today I decided to share a pictorial with you. So many people ask me to share just HOW I create the fun looks that I do. And really, its not hard. I always feel like it seems so easy, that showing you how I do it might be lame or boring to you. :( But Ive realized what comes natural and "easy" to me, is not easy for everyone else! So if you all like this, I will definitely do them a lot more! And you all can learn how to create some fun looks for yourself as well!

Now this pictorial is one that I posted in Instagram, it was request specifically from a look I previously created. But I thought I would share here to see if there is more interest. If you all like the style of this pictorial, and if you really want to see more. Cause if you do, I will keep them coming! ♥

1. Apply 'last call' to lid & lower lash line. 
2. Apply 'chopper' in crease & above. 
3. Blend 'oil slick' into crease. 
4. Add 'mildew' to Outer corner blending upwards. 
5. Apply 'Polyester Bride' to brow bone & inner corners of the eye. 
6. With a face brush lightly sweep/blend over the eyes. Add liner & mascara to complete the look!!

Here is a look at what brushes I used for each step with each color. If you are interested in learning more about Eye Brushes... You can check out my Eye Shadow Brush Guide here!

 Here are some pics of how this look turned out.
But of course you can view better quality photos of this look in a previous post here.

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  1. Love the pictorial. Not only does it give me the steps to do this look it lets me see how the colors come together to create a couple more looks. Think I'm going to try with and without the mildew.


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