Monday, September 30, 2013

The Little Mermaid's Villain Ursual Inspired Makeup

Hello and happy Makeup Monday to you!
Makeup Monday is a fun linky party dedicated to all things beauty. ♥

As you all know I host this linky part with Andrea, and we decided to also team up for a fun collab! Each Monday we will share a new Disney Villain Inspired Makeup Look! And we invite YOU to also join in on the fun. At the end of this post (before the linky) you will find the schedule, we would LOVE to see your Disney Villain inspired looks!!

This week is Ursula, the Villain from The LittleMermaid! I think Ursula is one of my favorite Villains. I love all the songs from Little Mermaid, and was singing one of Ursula's songs the whole time I created this look (I made a little video of that too, check it out below)... So here is my look inspired by Ursula:
Get a live look at my makeup in this quick keek:
Doesn't this picture have sort of a cool underwater feel to it?
I kept singing "Poor Unfortunate Souls" while doing this look.... Haha
For this look I used My Beauty Addiction Mineral Eye Shadows in:
Black Magic
Cosmetic Glitter in Cozumel
All of these shadows were used with Shadow Poxy, and can be found at My Beauty Addiction:

On my Lips:
Mulani's Lipstick in 'Raspberry Rush'
And The Balm's lipstick in 'Mia Moore'

Here is the Disney Villains Schedule if you would like to participate:
Now its your turn to share YOUR beauty posts!!
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This link up is for makeup/beauty related posts only!
This includes but not limited to beauty reviews, how-to's, hauls, giveaways, mani's, and look inspirations.
If you do not have a blog, but showcase beauty elsewhere like instagram or flicker,
you are still welcome to link up as well, please just link to a specific photo, though, not your whole account! :)

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Makeup Monday

Much Love & Hugs,

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Saturday, September 28, 2013

Repent Industries Ruffled Scarf Giveaway

Happy Sunday, friends! And Happy Giveaway-Day too!! This week I have a giveaway* that is PERFECT for Fall.... One lucky winner will receive a gorgeous fleece ruffled scarf (winners choice of color), from Repent Industries!! Nikki, the gorgeous gal behind Repent Industries makes beautiful scarves, fleece, and also custom designs too!! If you are wanting to purchase additional scarves or something custom, use coupon code ALOVE for $5 off!!

Connect with Repent Industries here: ShopFacebookInstagramTwitter

*This giveaway open to US residents only. My apologies to all whom this excludes.
Colors to choose from:
Here are some examples of the custom scarves she has created:

This is the stunning scarf she created for me! ♥
 To enter simply use the rafflecopter widget below:
a Rafflecopter giveaway
Much Love & Hugs,
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Fitness 101 // Bringing SEXY “BACK”

fitness 101 round button
I'm bringing SEXY “BACK”!
2013-08-08 19.05.48-1
One thing that most women want to do is to be able to achieve that “sexy back” that they see some many other women showing off during the summer time. As with any health and fitness goals you should try to have a WELL balance routine. This will include the following:
  • Consistently eating healthy and nutritious meals: If you plan on working out your body needs the right fuel! You cannot expect to see the results you want if you keep feeding your body crappy food! Here is a good simple equation: Healthy food = healthy fit body….crappy food = low energy, no fitness progress body.
  • Drinking water: Most people DO NOT get nearly enough water in their system. You need to hydrate and wash your body clean each day. Water helps your body in tremendous ways! Try to cut out the carbonated drinks, drinks with high sugar, drinks with a lot of calories, and drinks with too much caffeine.
  • Getting plenty of sleep: Your body grows the most when you are resting and sleeping! It is hard for some people to get a full night of sleep but YOUR BODY NEEDS IT! Try to get 6-9 hours. When you are sleeping this is the time that your body rest and tries to repair it. If you cut that short you will continue to be tired and not seeing the best results.
  • Sticking with your workout routine: You will see results if you stick with your gym routine! Make a workout schedule that will fit with your busy schedule! AND STICK WITH IT! The results will take time so BE PATIENT!
How to achieve a sexy back: Here are a few suggested exercises to do to help you start to sculpt your sexy back… Push up: image via Image    
Lat Pull Down: Image  via
  Lat Pull Down  
Straight arm Pull downs: Image via

There are all very important tools that you can use to help you get the body that you want. There are no magic pills or crash diets that can help you. Try to eat fresh whole foods (stay away from processed foods) and drink plenty of water. You want to cut back on drinking alcohol and increase your activity levels. You do not have to belong to a gym to get a good workout. You can find many workouts online that you can do at home! You have the tools to reach your goals! So why not start NOW so you can flaunt your confidence and new body this summer. This is Stephanie from Infinite Life Fitness. Please feel free to stop by my blog for more health and fitness tips!

 Stephanie is a bi-monthly, Agape Love Designs contributor for health and fitness!
Her Fitness 101 series can only be found here.
If you are looking for more post about fitness and fitness inspiration please visit her site!

Much Love & Hugs,
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Friday, September 27, 2013

Confessions And "Senior" Portraits

Hello, hello, and happy Friday sweet friends!
Welcome back to this bi-weekly series I'm doing with Michelle of Let it Shine.
This series is called "I Confess" and we will be doing just that, fessing up!
And the awesome thing about this series, is it is a linky party too!
So YOU can join in on the fun, so go ahead... Get stuff off your chest...Fess up.
I confess... I've had these photos for a while, and decided not to post them because they looked too "Senior Portrait" to me. I recently turned 29, I'm not a senior in high school anymore... Though, I never got to get Senior Portraits done when I was in High School (couldn't afford it!)... So I guess these can make up for them. HA

I confess...I want just about everything in this shop and this one too.

I confess... I cried for like an hour or so the other day. For no real reason at all. I really couldn't explain what was wrong. Sometimes I guess you just need a good cry. The poor Hubs was so dumbfounded by my emotions. Men being the fixers that they are, don't understand women problems. But it's cute how they try to fix them. The Hubs was trying everything. He even said "Do you want me to buy you something!?" Haha I said no.

I confess... Several items from the aforementioned shops came to mind, with the selfish temptation to say yes, popped into my mind before I said 'no' to the Hubs "fix it" solution...

I confess... I talk like a klutz. I've always been told I talk too fast, and so I do try to slow down... But still get tongue twisted when talking. Like in this keek about Xlash.

I confess... I've watched that keek video over and over just to laugh at myself.

I confess... I'm laying in bed, writing this post on my phone. Yeah. .. I'm being lazy. Just kidding, it's called multi-tasking. I can blog in my sleep!

I confess... I got my husband addicted to candy crush. He started playing months after I did, and now he is way past me, while I'm still stuck in some lame level.

I confess.... That makes me give him the death glare, while I shake my head disapprovingly, thinking 'how dare you!'

I confess... I want you to enter this giveaway! Do it! :)

What Im Wearing:
Top: Maurices
Jeans: Wet Seal
Sandals c/o: Orthaheel

Ok friends, your turn...Link up YOUR confessions!
There are no rules for this linky, except that the post you link up be a confessions post!
ALSO it would be fabulous if you could link back to one of us!
If you want, you can save the Confession photo above to use in your post if you want, only if you want. ;)

Much Love & Hugs,
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Thursday, September 26, 2013

Limited Edition Fall Fantasies Collection EOTD

Dear friends, I MUST tell you about the NEW Limited Edition Fall Fantasies Eye Shadow Collection from My Beauty Addiction! It is a gorgeous collection of fall colors, that are perfect for everyone! This is a collection that was created in collaboration with the MBA Promoter team. The specific color that I helped to create is Golden Illusion. Which is seriously amazing. Its a gold shadow with flecks of pink twinkle dust in it! Its hard to capture the true color in a photo, because you only really see it as gold. But in person it is SUCH a fun unique color!!

There are 6 shadows total in this collection, BUT if you purchase the entire collection (here on their website or here on etsy) and mention my name you will also get a BONUS shadow for free! Pixie Dust is the bonus color, and its a beautiful high light shade.

Today I am sharing a look I created with a few of the limited edition colors:
Video of this look:

Here is a look at the 6 colors in the collection:
And here is a quick video of swatches (including the bonus shadow pixie dust) though they look SO much better in real life. They are stunning colors!:

Again, you can Purchase this Limited Edition Collection here on their website or here on etsy!
Remember to mention  my name (or any promoter name) to get the bonus shadow Pixie Dust for FREE, when you purchase the entire collection!

For this look I used My Beauty Addiction Mineral Eye Shadows in:
Golden Illusion
Provocative Plum
Mystic Fog
Pixie Dust
All of these shadows were used with Shadow Poxy, and can be found at My Beauty Addiction:

Much Love & Hugs,
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Pretty Things #38

Pretty things Im lovin' this week.
#love #prettythings #workout #fashion #Halloween #jewelry #art #flowers #getfit #costumes

Glam Clutch / / Water Color Fashion Illustration / / Candace Jacket-Sheer top

Trick or Treat Sign / /  Bunny Rabbit Hoodie / / Geometric Rings

Gypsy Print / / Abs In Progress / / Double Bloom Headband

Turquoise Zippy Pouch / / Love Letter Pendant / / Floral Cross Tank          

What Pretty things are you loving this week?

Much Love & Hugs,
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Wednesday, September 25, 2013


I love when I find a good deal or sale. Recently I found and bought this adorable dress, originally $54, for only $11!  It was double clearanced. Love those kind of deals. And I really love finds like this dress... Which seems very cutesy-cutesy with the bow and lace and such. And it IS, but what I see with this dress is versatility.

I have a thing for "strapless" clothing items, mainly because I hate bad tan lines. So in the summer I prefer to wear strapless tops and dresses, to get a nice even tan while I am outside. BUT I also love them for the versatility of them as well. This dress for instance, can be a fun summer dress just as it is. But the color makes it perfect to also wear in the fall. Add some tights, boots, a cardy and maybe a scarf, and you're good to go. It can be worn with a belt, or an undershirt.... There are many ways to style this dress! I love it.
The weather in my neck of the woods is transitioning slowly to Fall. Its definitely cooler, but still pretty warm. I didn't want to just wear the dress as is. So I decided to do something fun a little edgy (for me). I paired it with my favorite blazer, and these new booties I got from my Maurices Shopping Spree Win. Added some edgy metal bling, and a hair style to match and I'm ready for night out.
This look may not seem "edgy" to some... But for me it is. Its a bit out of my style box, and different for me. But I like that! I'm wanting to try new things with my look and style. Ive never had the confidence before to do that, so I am enjoying very much having that now. Its really a lot of fun. 

Anyways... How would YOU style this dress?

What I'm Wearing:
Dress: Macy's
Boots: Maurices
Blazer: Maurices
Ring: Maurices
Earrings: Torrid

Much Love & Hugs,
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