Friday, September 27, 2013

Confessions And "Senior" Portraits

Hello, hello, and happy Friday sweet friends!
Welcome back to this bi-weekly series I'm doing with Michelle of Let it Shine.
This series is called "I Confess" and we will be doing just that, fessing up!
And the awesome thing about this series, is it is a linky party too!
So YOU can join in on the fun, so go ahead... Get stuff off your chest...Fess up.
I confess... I've had these photos for a while, and decided not to post them because they looked too "Senior Portrait" to me. I recently turned 29, I'm not a senior in high school anymore... Though, I never got to get Senior Portraits done when I was in High School (couldn't afford it!)... So I guess these can make up for them. HA

I confess...I want just about everything in this shop and this one too.

I confess... I cried for like an hour or so the other day. For no real reason at all. I really couldn't explain what was wrong. Sometimes I guess you just need a good cry. The poor Hubs was so dumbfounded by my emotions. Men being the fixers that they are, don't understand women problems. But it's cute how they try to fix them. The Hubs was trying everything. He even said "Do you want me to buy you something!?" Haha I said no.

I confess... Several items from the aforementioned shops came to mind, with the selfish temptation to say yes, popped into my mind before I said 'no' to the Hubs "fix it" solution...

I confess... I talk like a klutz. I've always been told I talk too fast, and so I do try to slow down... But still get tongue twisted when talking. Like in this keek about Xlash.

I confess... I've watched that keek video over and over just to laugh at myself.

I confess... I'm laying in bed, writing this post on my phone. Yeah. .. I'm being lazy. Just kidding, it's called multi-tasking. I can blog in my sleep!

I confess... I got my husband addicted to candy crush. He started playing months after I did, and now he is way past me, while I'm still stuck in some lame level.

I confess.... That makes me give him the death glare, while I shake my head disapprovingly, thinking 'how dare you!'

I confess... I want you to enter this giveaway! Do it! :)

What Im Wearing:
Top: Maurices
Jeans: Wet Seal
Sandals c/o: Orthaheel

Ok friends, your turn...Link up YOUR confessions!
There are no rules for this linky, except that the post you link up be a confessions post!
ALSO it would be fabulous if you could link back to one of us!
If you want, you can save the Confession photo above to use in your post if you want, only if you want. ;)

Much Love & Hugs,
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  1. Wow adore those blue jeans! Thanks for linking up to #fashionfriday

  2. love the photo's it's not too senior prom. Though I totally don't believe your 29!

    1. Aw thank you so much! :) I cant believe it myself, most days!! LOL How did that even happen!? lol

  3. I confess... that you are such a beautiful friend, inside and out!! You look so happy, you are glowing :) I also get tongue tied so it will be and interesting conversation whenever we chat in real life haha We should record that!

  4. oh you are so so pretty in these photos! Thanks so much for linking up to Passion For Fashion, i hope to see you tomorrow! xx


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