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How To Give Your Daughter A Salon Worthy Hairstyle

 How To Give Your Daughter A Salon Worthy Hairstyle**

Going to a professional hair salon is a special experience. The succulent smell of the products, the spinning chair, the black cape— everything combines to make you feel like a movie star.  Sharing the experience with your daughter makes it that much better, as you get to enjoy her joy at being pampered.

Even though the salon/spa experience is not one most families can do more than once a week (or at all), why not create the same experience for her, right at home?  This will be such a fun treat for her, and will always make her look forward to getting her hair cut.   Bonding moments are precious, and creating Spa Night at Home could be a wonderful opportunity to connect with your child.  

Creating that salon experience One of the first things you can do to make your home feel like a salon is to go out and purchase a chair similar to the ones used at salons. These chairs (new and used) can be found online (Craigslist, eBay, Amazon, etc) and are usually not very expensive, especially if you find a used one. Next, buy a salon robe or cape. Like the chairs, these can also be found online or at a local hair salon. Your daughter will love the experience of wearing one of these during her haircut! If you really want to make it fun, purchase some fancy juice or small snacks for your daughter and let her enjoy these during her haircut, just like a high-end salon.  

Blow dry like a salon Of course, blow drying like a professional hairstylist is one of the most important steps in getting the overall salon experience. There are many online resources on how to achieve this look and feel. While little girls do not typically need product in their hair, it is okay to use a small amount of a smoothing serum before you blow-dry. Use a brush while you dry the hair, smoothing it forward and rolling the layers of the hair toward the face. This creates nice shaping of your daughter’s face. 


Curl like a salon If your daughter wants more than just a simple blow dry, try adding some curls for more bounce. Decide on the size of the iron that you want to use, ranging from tight curls to looser, fatter curls. Make sure that the iron is not as hot as it can be, as your young daughter’s head is much more sensitive to heat. Clip up sections of her hair and work around the head, curling as you go. This will help to achieve an even and uniform look! Your daughter will love the experience of feeling like she is at a pricey salon, and you will love the experience without having to pay even a fraction of the cost! There are so many salons around the world that we all wish we could go to, salons in New York, Paris or even Miami. We may someday be able to go one of these salons ourselves, but for now, the next best thing is giving this experience to our daughters right at home.  

**This guest post is by: Virginia Cunningham,  a freelance writer in the Los Angeles area whose writing covers everything from health and beauty to technology. She has a daughter of her own that she loves pampering with a salon experience from the comfort of their home.

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  1. What a great idea! We have done nail salon at home before. I'm going to start doing hair salon now. :)


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