Saturday, September 14, 2013

Makeup For Girls With Glasses

Hello beautiful friends! Happy Saturday, and thank you so much for stopping by today. 

Recently I got a request to share a makeup look for girls who wear glasses. So I created a look that I think would be great for someone who wears glasses, both big and small. I am thinking I will probably create one or two more looks for glasses in the future, as well. But let me know what you think.
In this video you can get a live view of this look, as well as some info about this look:

If you are not able to watch this video, here is the run down.... The idea for this look is to use more neutral colors on your lid, since most of your lid will be covered by your frames. Then add color to your lower lash line for a fun eye look. I used purple, because it really brings out my green eyes. Now, if you are someone who lines your waterline, I also recommend using a white eye liner on your water line (I normally line with black). White makes your eyes look bigger, and will help them stand out behind your glasses. ♥ You can see below how the white really makes my eyes pop.
In this video I'm sharing the details on what colors I'm using:

For this look I used My Beauty Addiction Mineral Eye Shadows in:
Aged Gold
Down & Dirty
Alter Ego
French Vanilla
All of these shadows were used with Shadow Poxy, and can be found at My Beauty Addiction:
What do you think?

I'd love to hear what you think? Would you wear this look? Is there something else you would like me to try, or that you are curious about? I'll experiment with looks to help you! Let me know. :)

Much Love & Hugs,
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  1. Such a great idea! I used to wear glasses all the time and felt like I couldn't find a good makeup look for myself. I love the idea of using color on the lower lash line!


  2. Love it! I am a girl who has to wear glasses daily, so its nice to see a look just for us ;)

  3. Love the black glasses!!! & cool shadows ;) xxxx

    Gabriela Rose

  4. This is a really cool look! A lot of the big brands recommend sticking with just simple, neutral matte colors (like this article: , but I really like this!


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