Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Polka Dots, Fringe, and the Most Comfy Sandals Ever!

There used to be a time (not too long ago actually) where flip flops were the only shoes I'd wear. I dont really like wearing socks and shoes. I prefer to be barefoot as much as possible or as close to barefoot as much as possible. Flip flips were my go to "shoes". However, with the lack of support more flip flops give, as well as being over-weight for so long, I started getting major heel pain. One of my friends told me is sounded like I had plantar faciitis. It was something I never really looked into, because I knew it would mean I would have to give up my non-supportive flip flops, flats and heels... And you all know I love me some heels. So I just sort of dealt with the pain.

As I started to lose weight though, the pain did lessen, but with my love for "uncomfortable" or un-supportive shoes... I the heel pain didn't completely leave. Again, I just thought I would have to deal with the pain. I thought to myself I'd rather be in pain with cute shoes than wear ugly comfortable shoes! I know, I know... Some of you older and wiser ladies are probably shaking your heads at me, thinking you will regret that decision when you are older! I get this a lot from the sweet ladies in my church who are in awe and always ask how I walk around in the high heels. I know, I know... Call me young and dumb. HAHA Beauty IS pain, right?

Right!? Wrong... I never thought you could have comfortable supportive shoes or sandals that didn't come off as "granny style", if you know what I mean. Then I got an email from a representative of Orthaheel. "Orthaheel footwear was invented by leading Australian podiatrist, Phil Vasyli who succeeded at creating a solution to counteract the daily grind of walking on hard and unnatural surfaces. Developed with your foot health in mind, the shoes feature patent pending orthotic technology helping to eliminate pain not only in your feet but in your knees, legs and lower back – with a stylish twist."

So yes, these adorable Fiji sandals that I am wearing (available in four colors) are not only super cute, but super comfy too. They are supportive and feel wonderful to wear. I've been making it a habit to wear these sandals instead of my flats when I go out. I'm still rockin' heels when I want to get dressed up. But for every day wear, I am loving my orthaheels, and the fact that the pain in my heels is gone! ♥

What I'm Wearing:
Tank c/o: Sugar Love Boutique  (currently on clearance here and available in blue here)
Shorts: Old Navy (Thrifted)
Necklace c/o: LuBeth Designs
Sandals c/o: Orthaheel

Much Love & Hugs,
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  1. Hey, you are so pretty! I'm you're newest follower. Please visit and follow me at <3

  2. I need some of those shoes!! They are stylish and COMFY?? Perfection!

  3. Aw you look gorgeous-I especially love the close up at the end where we can see your matching eye shadow-sooo pretty! Love a polka dot! Fab! Thanks for linking up to #fashionfriday x

  4. Built-in orthotics are the BEST innovation ever for sandals. I own 8 pairs of Orthaheels (including 2 colors of the style you feature here). You look adorable and congratulations on your weight loss.

  5. You look so good!!
    Thanks for linking up for Passion For Fashion!

  6. those shorts are possibly the nicest shorts i ever did see! you look super gorgeous in these pics!!Thanks so much for linking up to Passion for Fashion, hope to see you again this friday!xx


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