Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Any Progress Is Still Progress...

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Hello friends... Well its that time again for another weight loss update. It has been a while since my last one... That has not been intentional, Ive just been sort of forgetful. We forgot to get my measurements last month. We finally remembered on Monday, so I figured it was about time for an update here!

Basically my weight has remained the same. Ive been stuck at 165 for months... Well except for that time I gained 5 pounds, then had to work my way back to 165... And still I am stuck at 165. Even though I am not any closer to my goal weight, I am still happy at this weight. I do sometimes get a little bummed with this weight too.. Just because I keep expecting to see that number drop with all the extra exercise and work I have been doing! 

With the weight number not budging, I was actually a little bit worried about what my measurements would be. And with some relief I can proudly say that I do have some LOSS!! YAY. It really is exciting to know my body IS still changing, and that my hard work IS paying off. Even though my weight is stubbornly staying the same, I must tell myself that any progress is still progress... Here are my current measurements:
              June 14               July 12              August 14                 Oct 7th

Waist:        35                       34.5                     35                           34 1/4- LOSS
Hips:          41.5                    40.5                     40.5                        39 3/4- LOSS
Chest:        39.5                    39                        39                           39  - No Change
Thighs:       26                       25.5                     26                           25 - LOSS
Calves:       17                       16.5                     16.5                        16 1/2 - No Change
Arms:         14 1/4                 14 1/4                  14 1/4                     14 1/4 - No Change
Neck:         13                       13                        13                           12 1/2- LOSS
Butt:           42 1/4                41.5                     41.5                         41- LOSS

The only thing that I still struggle with is my arms. I am working so hard on them. And if you were to feel them, oh my, you would be impressed! I am building muscle! And underneath all that excess skin, they are super toned. Even The Hubs is extremely impressed. But something about that measurement for my arms still bugs me. Maybe its the fact that no matter how hard I work, it may not ever change. Maybe I need to face the fact that I will always have hanging skin and arms that wave back at me. lol I am happy and ok with my body and myself. But I do so wish they will change and slim down. I'm gonna keep working on it... Maybe it will just take a lot longer, or maybe they wont ever shrink back. I mean, I dont expect them to completely go back to "normal", but SOME improvement would be great.

All in all... I am happy with my progress. I put on this outfit... These super cute new jeans, jacket and headband and felt amazing, cute and confident! That's hard to admit, because I used to think it was so taboo to think positively about myself... Like it was conceited to think I was pretty... But through a new book & bible study I am doing,  I am learning more and more the beauty and value I have as a precious Child of God! And that because we truly are the apple of God's eye, we need to see the beauty in ourselves, and believe that truth! Not the lie that we are "ugly", "not good enough", or "unworthy". That it's ok to believe we are beautiful... In fact it's more than ok, it's important for us to believe that, and remember the love and value we have because of our heavenly father. 

What Im Wearing:
Tank Top: Walmart
Camo Jacket: Maurices
Jeans c/o: Rose Royce Demin
Heels: Payless
Contacts c/o: Angel Contacts

Much Love & Hugs,
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  1. You look Great! I am loving your outfit and makeup. Congrats on your weight loss hun :)

  2. absolutely ADORABLY cute, love it!

  3. I love this outfit. The girly mrd with the edgy camo is hot! Also, congrats on keeping up with your workout routine. I'm impressed!


  4. <3 <3 <3 this whole post! Keep up the amazing job! I know how difficult it is, especially when you're working SO hard at it, and something just won't budge (arms, weight). It eventually will though! I do think the book you are reading is helping....cuz you are right, God wants us to see ourselves as beautiful...that's how HE sees us!!!!! <3 <3 <3

  5. You are looking fabulous and although you never looked big before, I can really see a difference, beautiful then and now! Thanks for linking up to #fashionfriday, please do link back or add my badge!

  6. I gotta get to Maurice's as I'm lovin' that camo jacket! Hugs & joy, T.


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