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Celebrity Styles on the Skinny

Celebrity Styles on the Skinny**

Do you dream of walking the streets, like your favorite fashion icons? Is money standing in the way of your self-expression and personal style? Unlike celebrities, we can’t all afford to drop thousands of dollars on the latest fashions to look good 24/7. But just because lifestyles of the rich and famous hasn’t come knocking on our door, doesn’t mean we can’t dress the part. Dressing like a celebrity without actually being one doesn’t mean you should find yourself in a mountain of unpaid bills and credit card debt. You know why? Celebrities did us a favor.

Many of these chic, fashion forward public figures have taken inspiration from their wardrobes and launched their very own, affordable clothing lines, giving us the opportunity to dress like them without the burden of heavy spending. So where do you find these exclusive, luxury styles from the who’s who group of Hollywood? It’s as easy as finding your local department store. In fact, it’s practically guilt free. You too can express a unique sense of style and individuality shared by one of your celeb icons. Here’s the skinny on who’s where of celebrity clothing lines:

Representing a wide spectrum of celebrity clothing lines for all personalities and occasions. One of our personal favorites is the Simply Vera line by Vera Wang. It’s minimalistic design combined with a muted color pallet and comfort make this line irresistible. What’s more… with Kohls coupons consumers can enjoy these already budget friendly lines with even greater savings.
Tank Top & Shoes: Simply Vera for Kohls
Other celebs to look out for:
Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony
LC by Lauren Conrad
Daisy Fuentes
Tony Hawk

Who doesn’t remember growing up watching those adorable twins on Full House? The same twins who became multimillionaires and fashion icons for, not only us, but for other celebrities as well. Mary Kate and Ashley Olson’s line as JCP has been a success since it hit the floor. With inspirations from the latest contemporary designs and a hint of double trouble, the Olson line is amongst one of the most successful celebrity lines in the world.

Other celebs to look out for:
MNG by Mango
Marchesa and Georgina Chapman’s Pearl special occasion dresses

Advancing on their status as fashion goddesses in the celebrity world, the 3 notorious Kardashian sisters have taken their sex appeal and shared it with the world in their new clothing line at Sears. With all the glitz and glam that these ladies possess, it’s easy to be stunning in their wardrobe.

Other celebs to look out for:
Audrina Patridge for Bongo
LL Cool J

Celebrities have even decided to share their chic secrets with the youngest fans in town. Gwen Stefani’s Harajuku Mini line at Target epitomizes the term “wild child” with its funky patterns and clever cuts for kids. Mommies and daddies are dying to get their kids into this label, because after all, it’s never too early to start gaining street cred.
Dress: Kate Young for Target
Other celebs to look out for:
Kate Young

Wholesome, American girl, Jessica Simpson, has had her clothing and footwear line on the market for years now. As one of the pioneers in the latest wave of celebrity fashion lines, her products have always stayed in line with her own tastes and beliefs. Jessica Simpson is fun, flirty and consistent for consumers.

Other celebs to look out for:
Betsey Johnson Marilyn Monroe
Madonna’s Truth or Dare
Sean John
Nicole Ritchie
Rachel Roy

Neo rocker chick fashions for young girls who grew up in the age of High School Musical and Hannah Montana have taken Kmart shoppers by storm under the name of Disney icon, Selena Gomez. Representing an edgy take on teenage fashions, Gomez’s line is sure to be a hit.

Other celebs to look out for:
Ashley Benson for Bongo
Coming soon Nicki Minaj and Adam Levine!

**This guest post is by: Missy Malone - is one frugal fashionista who loves looking for the best celebrity styles without spending like a celeb. She loves to share what's she found and prove to others that fashion goes beyond haute couture.

Much Love & Hugs,
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