Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Escape to Date Night

Dates with The Hubs have been few and far between. In fact, really, any alone time has been just about non-existant. I know you all have heard it before... Me talking about how busy and hectic life is...

Well here is the low-down... We currently have 9 people living in our home! Aside from me, the hubs and our kidlets... We also have The Hubs niece living with us as well as her 5 month old baby. And recently we took in two other kids (The Hub's other niece and nephew) ages 9 and 12. 

Two of our kids are in sports, with practices 3 nights a week, and games on Saturdays. A lot are out of town. I baby sit a little girl two days a week. I go to the gym 5 days a week for at least an hour but mostly 2 hours a day. Tuesday nights I go to Bible study. Thursday mornings The Hubs goes to bible study. Thursday nights, The Hubs and I both have worship practice. Tuesday & Thursday nights I also take the two kids staying with us, to visit their parents. Sundays we have church. The Hubs' older niece with the baby does work, so she has her grandma (The Hubs mom) come over to babysit in our home, because we are gone so much.

 Our lives are busy, hectic and our home is constantly full. By the grace of God, things seem to work out though. Except for the fact that The Hubs and I hardly get any alone time. Like I said, date nights are few and far between... But we did get the chance to escape for a couple hours the other evening. :) And because I enjoy and take advantage of any opportunity to dress up, that's just what I did. This is what I wore. Even though its Fall, and the weather has cooled down quite a bit, its actually still pretty warm here. So this maxi dress was perfect. I love that its comfy, and effortless. Plus I just love the color combo. ♥

What Im Wearing:
Maxi Dress c/o: Sugar Love Boutique (On Sale Here)
Shoest: Soda via Ross
Necklace: gifted from Andrea

Much Love & Hugs,
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  1. You look stunning :) Those colours are gorgeous on you!

  2. You look amazing! Love how you tie in all the colors with your make up & accessories :)

  3. Wow it does sound like you have your hands full! It must have been lovely to have a couple of hours to yourselves :)
    You look stunning, the dress is a beautiful colour and your hair is lovely, too!

    Jess xo

  4. You are always Beautiful! I pray for you and the kids you recently took in, if i lived closer i'd love to be your date night sitter! I am in child care now for about 15yrs! Kids are blessing! Stay in Gods hands it will all work together!!


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