Friday, October 18, 2013

Just So 'Me'.

Somethings are just "So me". I love clothing or accessories finds that really express a little something about me. Like these tights, how cute are they!? Musical notes, on tights!? Yes please. ♥ I wore this outfit to church, and if you dont already know, I sing on our Church's Worship Team. I love to sing. Its a passion and gift God has blessed me with. So these tights make this outfit a little more 'me'. They give this outfit some personality and make it so much more 'Maria'. Which makes me smile, and makes others smile too... Cause they know how "me" they are!

Another thing... These earrings... You cant really see the detail but they are crosses, I love crosses. Not only that though, they have a small heart in the center!! They were a sweet "Just to cheer you up" gift from my bestie! She so knows me, and gets me... Because she saw them and knew I would LOVE them! And I do! Crosses and hearts (in case you have not noticed *ahem check my header and signature*) are totally MY THING! So I cherish these lovely earrings, and even more so, my sweet friend who gifted them to me. ♥ They remind me of her friendship! And of "Agape Love" - Unconditional Love... The kind of Love our Lord and Savior has for us!

These are just a couple things that are 'so me'. Things that help me express a little about who I am, without having to say a word. And I love that. Something I love about fashion, and choosing what I wear is the ability to express myself in so many ways. What about you? Do you have any clothing or accessory items that are just so YOU? That can express your personality without having to say a word?

What Im Wearing:
Dress: Maurices
Belt: Maurices
Shoes: Maurices
Necklace: Maurices
Earrings: A gift from my Bestie
Musical Tights: Ebay (here)
Clutch: Avon
Much Love & Hugs,
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  1. Fun outfit! Looks great for a night out dancing!

  2. That outfit looks really good on you! You are just always so glowing!


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