Friday, October 11, 2013

These Are My Confessions...

Hello, hello, and happy Friday sweet friends!
Welcome back to this bi-weekly series I'm doing with Michelle of Let it Shine.
This series is called "I Confess" and we will be doing just that, fessing up!
And the awesome thing about this series, is it is a linky party too!
So YOU can join in on the fun, so go ahead... Get stuff off your chest...Fess up.

I confess... Ive been feeling very anti-social lately. We have a house full here, because we have family staying/living with us... And I find myself just wanting to stay cooped up in my room by myself, just to get some alone time and peace and quiet.

I confess... That anti-social thing is also sort of affecting my social media too, I know Ive been sort of MIA.

I confess... I have been drinking coffee non-stop since the first day of Fall. Something just clicked over for me, and I cannot get enough! There is something awesome (hehe) about a nice warm cup of goodness. ♥

I confess... I have also been drinking a lot more wine too.

I confess... I am SUPER excited about a beauty swap I am doing with this lovely gal! Happy mail is always so much fun... Especially when so much thought and care goes into a package just for you!

I confess... I am still sort of bummed about another swap I did with someone, who received my very nice (and expensive) package, but I never got one in return. :(

I confess... I think you all need to enter this giveaway (which ends tomorrow!) and this one too!

I confess... Sometimes I feel like a Mexican't! Because I can't speak Spanish. It's really not fair for me to look this Mexican and not be able to speak the language when people come up to me talking in Spanish expecting me to understand. Haha

I confess... After a long and practically pointless dentist appt. (waited 3 hours, saw the dentist for 5 minutes, and was scheduled to come back in December!) I came home grumpy, tired, and hungry. So I scarfed down left over enchiladas and then two hot dogs. Then passed out in bed for about an hour.

I confess... I also skipped Zumba that night too. :(

I confess... The only thing keeping me in a good mood is knowing I'll be meeting up with my soul sistah in Sacramento for women of faith in 2 weeks!! It's gonna be a blast, uplifting and a much needed getaway for me time, God time, girl time and shopping too!!

I confess. .. Andee and I already plan on being social media obnoxious the whole weekend of WOF! We will be cluttering your keek, instagram and twitter feeds the weekend of the 25th-26th... so be ready. ;)

I confess... I already plan on mostly junking out that weekend too. I may gain a few pounds again, but ahh well. I kick butt in the gym 5 days a week! Im gonna let my inner fat girl free for a couple days, and I'm ok with that. 
Ok friends, your turn...Link up YOUR confessions!
There are no rules for this linky, except that the post you link up be a confessions post!
ALSO it would be fabulous if you could link back to one of us!
If you want, you can save the Confession photo above to use in your post if you want, only if you want. ;)

Much Love & Hugs,
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  1. I have wanted to do a swap thing with bloggers. But I am scared that they won't hold up their end. I'm sorry it happened to you. That really sucks :(

  2. I need a love button on this post!! I love this linky party, love reading these posts (especially when i get a shout out ahaha and even though I am usually late to the party I love doing these posts as well. Mine confessions are coming soon 💙💛

  3. Whatever you are holding looks quite delicious!!
    Following you know! Please follow back! :D Will appreciate it!
    Red Alice


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