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Allow me to begin with a HUGE thank you to Maria of Agape Love. Is she awesome or what?! Of course she is, that’s why we are all HERE on her page! 

We are so excited to share with you TreSkinRX, organic pharmaceutical aloe based skin care available from TreSkinRX thru Leen’s Team, and to offer you a chance to win in two giveaways! (Open to US residents only)

Before we get started, did you know your skin is the largest organ? It’s important to realize what you are applying on to your skin.


Organic pharmaceutical grade aloe is the first base ingredient in TreSkinRX products – not water. Aloe penetrates the skin, water doesn’t. Most products on the market are water based, therefore ingredients are not doing the full job because they cannot penetrate below the dermis. Check - is your skin care water base? Most likely, the answer is yes. 

TreSkinRX’s patent product, EX3, is a daily leave on exfoliant, safe & easy for at home use. It delivers pH of 2.1-2.3, the closest available to a doctor in office chemical peel, without expensive procedure cost or harsh burn. 

Fragrance, paraben and sulfate free – often these ingredients are toxic and/or irritants to skin . Check your products, do they contain these ingredients? 

The Aloe we use is harvested in TX and manufactured within 4-6 hours to maintain maximum potency. There are 5 grades of aloe. TreSkinRX is made of the highest quality grade, organic pharmaceutical aloe, it’s therapeutic, anti – inflammatory and anti – bacterial. Pharmaceutical aloe is the grade used in hospital burn units for healing potency. 

We offer two week trial kit, packaged for both men and women, so consumers can try before they buy full size! Trial kits include 4 products to cleanse, exfoliate and protect skin twice daily. For the month of October, the two week trial kits are on SALE for just $9.99 (normally priced $14.99) and valued over $30! Click here to order yours – use promo code LEEN. Limit one per household. http://www.truskinrx.net/kitstore/ 

Inexpensive water is NOT our first ingredient, a dime size of product is all you need. TreSkinRX products are concentrated, and most full size will last an average of three or more months. Cost is an average of just .50 cents per product per day. People spend more than $2 a day on coffee, energy drinks, fast food, etc. Why not spend it on healthy skin, and natural products instead? 

TreSkinRX products are formulated by a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon & proudly made in the USA 


Any man, woman, or teen who wants healthy & youthful skin. If you are pregnant or undergoing chemo, we recommend speaking to your physician before using our patent daily leave on exfoliant, EX3. 



Each month we grow! If you would like to start a business – we are DIRECT SALES DONE DIFFERENTLY! No inventory, no home parties, no required auto-ship, no monthly sales minimums to get compensated, no gimmicks, no hassles. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=foMAwWd3Mws

The newest and lowest cost of our three available starter kits is just $99.99! You get $75 of that investment back easily and quickly by selling the 5 included two week trial kits for $15 each. For less than $25 one-time cost, you start a business, save money on quality skin care, a customized website without additional cost, a car cling, a tote bag, plus 5 opportunity brochures & catalogs. WOW! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=khE7TyMfCR0 

Want to know more about how TreSkinRX got started? http://www.treskinrx.com/index.php?id=49 

There are TWO prizes, which means TWO winners and a higher chance of YOU being one of them!
~One lucky winner will receive:  A Two week skin care trial kit of your choice - $15 value, free shipping (US residents only) 
~One lucky winner will receive: A Full size jar of EX3 - $80 Value, free shipping (US residents only)
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Much Love & Hugs,
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  1. I'd love to try the oily skin treatment!;)

  2. i would like to try the clear skin, thanks!

  3. I would try the wrinkle treatment

  4. I would try the oily skin treatment! I hope I win! I would love to try this, I can't find anything that works for my skin!

  5. I would try the normal/dry skin trial kit. Thanks for the giveaway!

  6. i would love the skin treatment to clear my acne!

  7. I would definitely try the one for oily skin, pick me, pick me 😊

  8. Wrinkle formula thanks!

  9. I think I would choose clear skin. My skin can be oily in the summer but it's getting cold so that will not be an issue until next year. =)

  10. Great news! Corporate told us that the $9.99 two week trial kit sale is going to continue through November!


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