Friday, November 22, 2013

Beauty Confessions

 Hello, hello, and happy Friday sweet friends!
Welcome back to this bi-weekly series I'm doing with Michelle of Let it Shine.
This series is called "I Confess" and we will be doing just that, fessing up!
And the awesome thing about this series, is it is a linky party too!
So YOU can join in on the fun, so go ahead... Get stuff off your chest...Fess up.

Today I decided to share some beauty confessions with you! I also have a Makeup Look to share as well...
I confess... (Aside from wiping them off on a towel after use) I dont wash my makeup brushes very often. Ok, like hardly ever...

I confess... I dont not own anything from Mac, and I have never tried anything from Mac. I feel like there should be a GASP in here somewhere.  Everyone acts as if Mac is the end all say all of makeup. I would love to try some Mac products. But I'm not dying to try them. And I dont feel less of a Makeup Artist because I dont use them... Just because something is High End doesnt mean its the best. I am sort of a drug store diva... Or Indie Princess. :) I LOVE my My Beauty Addiction Cosmetics!

I confess... As  much as I LOVE makeup, I am not obsessed, and I try not to hoard. I wont buy something just for the name, or just because its limited edition. I dont see the point in stock piling makeup that I may never use! (Though I admit, sometimes I AM tempted to do so. But better judgement always wins out.)

I confess... I have given a lot of my makeup away lately, keeping only what I know I will use daily.

I confess... I am totally lazy about washing my face. Sometimes I will wash my face around my eyes... Because washing my eye makeup off takes much more time. I also keep face wipes on my night stand for the really lazy nights!

I confess... I do tend to purchase items based on packaging. I love pretty and unique packaging. Its what got me started loving The Balm products. I love their packaging, that's what hooked me. On top of that, I love their products. Their bronzer Bahama Mama is my favorite. Also Physicians Formula has great fun packaging too. And I Love their products as well!
I confess... I am very brand loyal, it takes a lot for me to branch out and purchase items from other brands. I am usually glad when I do though. For instance, I love Maybelline. I will always go for their products first. But recently I have been trying some products from Loreal and LOVE them! So glad I branched out. :)

I confess... I have a slight obsession with 'picking'. I know it's bad to pop/pick at your face/zits/black heads. But I can't help it. I enjoy doing it... And I enjoy poping/picking at other people's faces too. I always want to attack The Hubs face and he hates it. Lol

I confess... I also have a slight obsessing with tweezing. Which is why my eyebrows used to be so over-plucked! In the process of growing them out I knew I'd have to refrain from tweezing them at all or I'd tweeze any new hair that grew in. So in the mean time I'd tweeze my leg hairs and I admit that I'd even tweeze some of my arm pit hairs.

I confess... Gross as it may seem, I think I would totally enjoy a job where I got to pop other people's zits and tweeze their eye brows. lol
For this look I used My Beauty Addiction Mineral Eye Shadows in:
Crushed Diamonds
Down & Dirty
Aged Gold (Used with Foiling Serum to create eye liner)
Matte Black
All of these shadows were used with Shadow Poxy, and can be found at My Beauty Addiction:
On My Lips MBA's Lipstick in 'Miss Monroe'

Ok... So for fun, I asked you on my Facebook/Twitter/Instagram pages to share YOUR Beauty Confessions with me, here are a few:

Sandra Confesses: I haven't seen my natural hair color in 20 years....

Mindy Confesses: Since switching to Not your mothers products I only wash my hair once a week. I use their dry shampoo & hair spray. Love it!

Taylor Confesses: I basically coat myself from head to toe with coconut oil at least every other week.

Mona Confesses:  I wash & style my hair at night and just dry shampoo it in the morning.

Trine-Marie Confesses: I sometimes fall asleep with my makeup on after a night on the town.

Yolanda Confesses: I use only goat milk bar soap as a face cleanser it makes my skin so soft :)it's great for sensitive skin anything else and I will break out. :)

Ok friends, your turn...Link up YOUR confessions!
There are no rules for this linky, except that the post you link up be a confessions post!
ALSO it would be fabulous if you could link back to one of us!
If you want, you can save the Confession photo above to use in your post if you want, only if you want. ;)

Much Love & Hugs,
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  1. Looks very nice !
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  2. I'm a bit late entering my link, but I got it up there :) Thanks so much. I love this!!! And I totally got grossed out by yours with the picking other people's LOL


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