Thursday, November 7, 2013

Grow Longer Lashes With XLash {Review}

Hello, and welcome back to Agape Love Designs, friends. :) Today Ive got a review to share with you. I was sent this eyelash growing serum c/o Xlash, to review. Xlash sounds wonderful, and I have always been curious about trying a lash growing serum. So I was very excited to try it out. Now before I get to my results... Here is a little bit about Xlash:
"Do you want to get thicker and longer eyelashes easily? Are you tired of fake lashes and mascara because your eyelashes are so thin? Then the solution for this is Xlash Eyelash Serum. With Xlash you will get longer eyelashes, thicker eyelashes and more beautiful eyelashes in just 4-6 weeks. 

Xlash eyelash serum has been naturally developed in one of the most health regulated countries in the world, Sweden. With a unique formula it is proven that Xlash will grow your lashes with up to 30-40%. Xlash works while you sleep. One quick application before going to bed is all it takes.

Xlash has been one of the most sold  lash serum and eyelash enhancers products in several countries around Europe ever since the release. Now it’s available with free shipping in USA and rest of the world. Order Xlash today and we will send it to you within the next day."

You can connect with Xlash on facebook & Instagram.

I used Xlash for a month, and here are my results. I found it hard to capture, but my lashes are definitely longer and thicker. The results are not extremely dramatic, as I have seen other results. But there IS a difference that I can see and feel in person. ♥ I took photos with & without mascara on....The photos below with Mascara on really shows the difference!
Here is what my lashes look like with mascara on. I used the same mascara in the before and after pictures. You can really see the difference with mascara on. My daughter even asked if I was wearing fake lashes! I was happy to say, nope - these are my real lashes! ♥
I think because my lashes are already pretty long naturally, the results dont seem as dramatic. But I am still happy with the results. I imagine someone with shorter lashes would have better results than me. So if you have short lashes, and spend money on falsies, giving Xlash would definitely be worth a try!

Much Love & Hugs,
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  1. OOH I am tempted but do you know if this just goes away afterwards? Is this a long term effect?

    1. Great question. I would assume it is a long term effect. Because it grows your lashes longer and thicker. And like any other hair it stays that way until you cut it... So it should be long term. :)

  2. Cool! I see the results! :-) I've been thinking of trying UD's Lash enhancing serum, it's nice to know that some of them actually work! :-D


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