Friday, November 1, 2013

Women Of Faith Recap

What Im Wearing:
Sweater: Purchased at Women Of Faith Conference 
Jeans: Gifted
Necklace: Forever21
Boots: Maurices
Headband: Mila Rose Designs

Recently I had the opportunity to go to a Women Of Faith conference.... It was something I was looking forward to for about a year or so. Not only would this be a wonderful opportunity to hear great speakers, listen to amazing worship music, and get refreshed in the word of God through this fun getaway, but it would also be an awesome opportunity to meet up with my bloggy bestie/Soul Sister Andee, again! She had mentioned WOF, what seems like forever ago, and we had decided then that we would both go and could hang out again! This time for an over-nighter! Woop Woop. My sister, Mona, came with me too. Which was so great. She and Andrea were excited to meet for the first time! And we were all looking forward to our girls weekend. Andee had a few other gals with her, who were so nice... And honestly it felt as if we all had know each other for years! ♥

I absolutely loved this conference, each speaker was just amazing, and funny too. Each one had something they said that felt like it was meant just for me to hear. Something to encourage me, to challenge me, to stir in me, to make me think, to make me understand more of what God is doing in my life, and how he can use me, and just how much he has and continues to BLESS ME. God is so, so good my friends.

I was talking to my sister and a couple other ladies I know who went, and they each said the exact same thing. That at least one thing that each speaker said really spoke to them, and meant something to them. That's just how God works, when you open you heart up to His word.

The main theme of this even was BElieve GOD can do ANYTHING. And the main thing I really took with me is this "God doesn't call the equipped, he equips the called". I have heard that saying before, and have always just kind of been like "yeah, yeah... I know... " I never seem to think that God is calling me to do anything so big or great that I really need to think about that. I tend to think that because I am not a Pastor, or Missionary, or huge Public Speaker that maybe I am just not as important, or that my 'job' isnt that important to worry about doing God's will.

I know... Just writing that out sounds silly. The thing is... My job as a wife, and mother, and even here on my blog is still just as important to God as ANYONE else! Lately, I can admit to being totally grumpy, and tired... Why? Because I have a house full! A house full of people who STILL need to know the Love of God. Who NEED an example, a GOOD example in their life of Gods love, Mercy and Grace. Raising kids to know the Lord is just as important as any missionary.

Having a house full of OTHER people's children... Helping and blessing others, because we have been so blessed. THAT is just as important. And its funny because I do tend to feel very under-appreciated for all that I do in my home and for all I do for so many people. (As I am sure most momma's feel) But one of the speakers really spoke a lot about that. She reminded me, that God see's me. He is smiling down on me, and just waiting for me to lean on Him more.

The other thing is that, as I mentioned already... I can be grumpy, impatient, tired... But I was reminded that all we have to be is even a tiny shred of willing to still get up and do what we got to do. But we lean on God to get us through. My job as a mother, as a wife, as a care taker to other children living in our home is JUST as important. Having a servants heart is HUGELY important to God. And God is using me in ways I probably wont realize until years later, when these kids are older. :) Hope and Promise... That's what that is. :) To be honest, I really do feel a lot better about things. I know I am so blessed, and I am glad to in turn be able to bless others. Yeah, sometimes it can be frustrating, and extra work, but its whats needed of me right now. Because right now in this season of life... This is my calling. And I know God will equip me for my job.

There is so much more I got out of this conference as well. But I just wanted to share that little tid bit, because its what applied and touched on my heart the most. But I cannot say enough how wonderful ALL of the speakers were. Seriously each on said something that applied to me and touched my heart. If you have never been to a WOF event, I highly encourage you to go. It was just wonderful. ♥ I am SO glad I go the opportunity to go.

I grabbed this photo from the Lysa TerKeurst FB Page
These were a few of the speakers/Singers from the Event!
Lysa, Kari Jobe (singer), Judah Smith, and Christine Caine.
Lysa and Christine both have such powerful testimonies. Ahh... LOVED hearing them speak!
Kari Jobe is one of my daughters fasvorite singers, and Judah Smith is HILARIOUS!

And here are a few of the pics I captured from the event. ♥
These are some videos I took as well:
~ meeting Mercy Me
~Not getting to Meet Natalie Grant

And THIS video I must actually put on here... Its so great.
This was me meeting Angela Thomas (She is hilarious!!)
And she is totally fashionable, I love that she gives her fashion advice:

If you went to the event as well, I would LOVE to hear what you thought!?
If you posted a recap on your blog, leave a link. ♥

Much Love & Hugs,
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  1. Your headband is so cute!! That's great that you had an inspirational and educational time at the conference! Sometimes those lessons and reminders are really needed!

  2. your hair!!! is amazzing! and love the sweater too ,hope you'll come join us again for passion for fashion today xx


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