Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Zumba Body & Numbers That DONT Matter

Hello my sweet friends. Thank you for stopping by to visit me today. 
I want to talk to you today about numbers... Weight loss numbers.

Before we get started today, though I want you to do me a favor. Look at the photos below. I want you to take a guess at the weight difference between me in the blue shirt and me in the pink shirt. Keep that number in your mind. If you dont mind, leave a comment with your guess!
I will tell you that (obviously) this is the same exact skirt in both photos. The time difference between the two is 5 months! The photos of me in the blue shirt was a little less than a month after I started doing Zumba as an extra workout. The photos of me in the pink shirt were taken about 2 weeks ago.

Ok do you still have that number in mind? Goodness... When I look at these I dont know what number weight difference I would guess. But I dont think I would ever guess that it was ONLY 5 pounds. What about you? Did you guess that the weight difference between these two photos is 5 pounds? Did you guess more or less?

Can you believe that I was 170 lbs in the blue shirt, and am STILL at 165 lbs here in the pink shirt? Ive said this before, and I must say it again (because even I need the reminder) the number on the scale does NOT matter as much as we tend to think it does. We should not put so much importance on that number that tends to haunt us on the scale! I say this, because yes even I can be haunted at times by that number! 

I step on the scale, dont see a difference and feel like all my hard work, all my effort, all that time at the gym is for nothing. That number has a way of making you feel defeated, cheated, and low. Then I see photos like these, and remember that kind of thinking ridiculous! We cant (I cant) let that happen to me anymore. So as a reminder to myself, and to any of you who may be going through that same kind of struggle... Im here to tell you (again) that number DOESN'T matter!

Don't let it define you! The proof of your hard work will show in more ways than a silly number on a scale! I encourage those of you on a weight loss journey not to limit your progress just to that number on the scale. Take photos along the way, start measuring yourself, keep a shirt/pants or outfit, and try it on each month (take photos of that too)! Sometimes we dont see or feel our progress until we look at it from a difference perspective. It took me seeing these photos, before I realized that WOW I really am shrinking and making progress... Even though the scale would tell me otherwise!

Ive been taking measurements as well. If you have been following my weight loss progress here on the blog for a while, you already know that. I will do a measurement update in my next weight loss post, soon! So stay tuned.

Much Love & Hugs,
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  1. I totally thought there was way more of a difference in pounds! But muscle weighs more & you look amazing :) I agree sometimes the scale IS the enemy :)

  2. I would have guessed more like 15! I needed to read this today...thanks!

  3. Going through the same exact thing right now too. Not losing the pounds a whole lot but the inches are remarkable. My trainer said don't even get on a scale. Go by the way your clothes fit. And girl you look fabulous. Keep it up.

  4. Super cute look! very colorful

  5. You can totally see the difference in your stomach too! Good job you are beautiful and remember that you have muscle now!!

  6. Great dresses, you have a nice blog. Congrat!

  7. so love this!! Pinning to my zumba file on pinterest :)


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