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5 Must-Have Finds For The Active Man On Your Gift List

Five Must-Have Finds For The Active Man On Your Gift List**

This holiday season, just about everyone is making their lists and checking them twice, but some people always prove more difficult to shop for than others. Fitness junkies fall into this category. See a few of the gifts that I have found for my active husband that fit the bill for any man who is a fitness fanatic.

If your man always loses golf balls on the course like mine does, pick up a pack of personalized golf balls. Last year, I found some that I gave my husband for his birthday on this site. He will never again wonder which ball is his, whether he hits it on the fairway, the green or has to find it in the rough. Even if he is not PGA material, he will be sure to love a set of golf balls printed with his name or initials on each one.

Another great gift I found is a doorway pull up bar. These make getting in a few reps of chin-ups fast and easy any time of the day without having to go to the gym. The best part is that it does not take up a lot of space like weight machines. My husband loves to use his pull up bar right away in the morning just before he goes out for a run.

Speaking of running, my husband cannot go out of the house without his heart rate monitor now. This simple little device measures his heart rate to keep him honest and working out at the best level possible for cardiovascular fitness. To help him balance his exercise and eating, the heart rate monitor also tracks the calories he's burned, and all the information syncs with his laptop.

During the winter, when my husband has to wear gloves while running outside, he cannot use his touchscreen smart phone to listen to music or answer a call. He always had to take off his gloves for the screen to respond to his touch, but now that he has a pair of touchscreen-friendly gloves, his hands stay warm and he can  always answer his phone when I call him.

For any type of workout, having a ready supply of water prevents dehydration. Instead of filling up recycling bins with disposable plastic water bottles, my husband now uses a filtered water bottle. This bottle filters out the off flavors and foreign matter from tap water for a healthy drink during a workout in a container that is eco-friendly.

This holiday season, while you may think it is difficult to find the perfect gift for your active man, there are many options available if you know where to look. I hope these ideas help out!

**This guest post is by: Quinn McAdams - Quinn is a self-proclaimed health enthusiast who loves to stay active. She enjoys running, playing soccer and going hiking with her family. Follow her at

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