Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Booty Blaster Workout - With GoGo Girl Fit

Hey friends! Thanks for stopping by today. Ive got someone I'd like to introduce you to. My friend Erika aka GoGo Girl Fit, is going to show you how to get your booty in gear (Literally) just in time for the New Year! You know we all make those resolutions every year to get in shape, am I right? Admit it, you're nodding your head yes right now! ;) How many of us have made that resolution/goal, only to put it off and not lose a pound all year!? HEY, I'm not judging, I have been there before. We all have our reasons... I know a BIG one is not having money, time or baby sister to be able to go to the gym... Well Erika is here to give you a booty blaster workout that YOU can do right from home! Interested? Then read on my dears. ♥

Hi Agape Love Designs Fans!
I'm Erika, Owner and Creative Director of the sexiest dance and fitness brand, GoGo Girl Fit LLC. I started GoGo Girl Fit last year after having worked in the dance and fitness industry for over 5 years. I found my true passion in helping women find their sexy and reach their wellness goals. I have had the pleasure of sharing the stage with Colbie Caillat, Andy Grammar, and The Cab; and have danced for Carolina Railhawks pro soccer team, Extreme Networks, Belk Department stores, First Citizen's Bank, amongst others. My passion for dance has always overlapped into fitness, in which I have lead many group fitness classes. I am now in North Carolina, continuing to teach dance and group fitness classes. I hope to get to know each of you better whether it be by becoming a client or just saying 'hey' on my blog!

Generally, when I workout it involves going to the gym and using all the fancy equipment. I use both the cardio and weight machines almost everyday, so when I am in a place where I can't get to a gym, it can get tricky. This is the position I am going to be in soon when I travel to my friend's house for the rest of the holidays. Luckily, all it takes is a little planning to keep your workout going during your travels.

You might be in the same situation now or traveling soon and not sure what to do. I am giving you one of my targeted workouts that I will be doing while I am away, that I named the Booty Blaster! This routine can be done in tight spaces, so you can even do it if your stuck at your family's house with a bunch of kids running around!

Your booty will feel lifted after the first session. But, do it once or twice a week to see real results.

                                                               Squats: 4 sets of 10
                 Tips: Keep your knees over your toes and pretend like you are sitting back in a chair.

Plie Squat Jump: 3 sets of 10
Tip: Unlike the standard squat, keep your booty in for this one.

Tiny Leg Circles (laying on side): 10 circles front and back (each side)
Tips: Try to keep your upper body still. All the work should come from your hips down.

Clamshell: 4 sets of 10 (optional: add resistance band)
Tips: Open and close the top knee, keeping your feet together.

Side Fire Hydrant: 3 sets of 12
Tips: Start on all fours and pick the knee up and bring back down. 
Make sure your knee is going directly to the side.

Donkey Kicks: 4 sets of 15
Tips: Go from all fours and pick up the knee; trying to create a 90 degree andgle like in the pic. 

Thanks so much for joining me in my Booty Blaster workout! Please check out the GoGo Girl Fit Blog for more workouts! We have a 'Workout of the Day' Monday-Friday that you can also find by following our GGF Workout of the Day Pinterest Board.

Do you want free prizes, awesome discounts, a free fitness assessment, fitness advice, and more? Subscribe to the GoGo Girl Fit monthly newsletter, here. We have a giveaway for a 30 Day Custom Fitness Plan going on right now! The best part is, every 20 people that enter, one person will win!

So, check GoGo Girl Fit website and blog. The website is still being finished up, but make sure you follow us on social media for when all of our services are up and running.
The GoGo Girl Fit dance workout video will be out soon and is FREE for the month of January!

Also connect with me here:

I can't wait for you to get "sexy fit" with GoGo Girl Fit!


Much Love & Hugs,
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