Tuesday, December 3, 2013

DIY Slouchy Sweater

Hello hello, friends! So its been a while since Ive shared a tutorial here on the blog...  And since Ive been obsessed with slouchy sweaters lately, I decided why not make my very own, AND share the extremely SIMPLE How-To with you too!? ♥

I made myself this oh-so cute Hello Kitty Slouchy Sweater last week, and I'm showing you how you can make one too in 4 easy steps!
First, of course you will need supplies. I purchased this plain pullover sweater in the men's section at Walmart for about $7. Other supplies I used were a pencil, scissors and puff paint. All of which I already had on hand. But they can all also be found at Walmart or similar stores for very cheap.

I decided on Hello Kitty because, well she is super cute but also because she is SUPER EASY to draw! But of course I encourage you to let your imagination soar! Create any fun design, of words on your sweater! Really make it your own! Or do Hello Kitty like me! ;)


Be sure to CUT your sweater first, that way you already have the shape before you start decorating it.

Cut a little at a time, and try it on! If you want it a bit more slouchy, fold and cut a little bit more. I cut quite a bit more than I meant to the very first time, making mine a LOT more slouchy than I had originally wanted. Still I think it turned out great. But I do encourage to do smaller cuts.

PENCIL first! If you have an idea that may be intricate or complicated, sketch it out with a pencil first before adding the paint! Once its just right, add your paint.

When painting, start from the top and work your way down. Me, I started with the bow first. That way I wasnt leaning over wet paint from the bottom/middle of the sweater.
See totally easy peasy, and Oh So cute! ♥ I hope you all give this a try, and please share if you do! I always love to see YOUR versions of my tutorials. ;)

Much Love & Hugs,
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  1. this is cute with the perfect amount of 'slouch'!

  2. Hi flower, your blog is really amazing! Fascinating posts! I just love it and I'm following! I hope you'll visit me and follow mine too.

    Kisses from Russia, www.annmartynova.ru

  3. This is great, well done on the DIY =)

  4. So cute! Thanks for linking up to #fashionfriday

  5. LOVE it! So sweet :)

  6. How cute AND crafty is this!? You go, girl! Pinning this!
    Thanks for linking up for Passion For Fashion!


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