Saturday, January 25, 2014

Arbonne RE9 Advanced Skin Care (Mini) Review & Giveaway

Hello friends, thanks for stopping by today! Ive got a mini review AND giveaway for you today. I was recently sent the trial size set of the Arbonne RE9 Advanced Skin Care system to try and review, by Arbonne Consultant Ashley Rudiger. (Please read more about her, and her story below!)

Now although this kit is VERY small, a little bit does go a LONG way! Surprisingly this kit lasted me about a week. You can see what is included in this set, as well as get an idea of actual size in the short keek video below:

I must admit that with such a short time of use, it was hard to me to really see the results of the benefits from use. However I could tell you that it seems like a really great system, and I LOVE that it includes everything you need to really pamper and take care of your face! You can see the products, as well as the benefits of use, in the image chart below!

Now if you are interested in giving this skin care system a try, you're in luck! Ive got a giveaway for the same trial size kit - to try for yourself! Just enter the rafflecopter widget below... There is only ONE mandatory entry, and that is to "like" Ashely's facebook page. After that, there are a couple extra bonus entries, if you want to up your chances of winning. :)  Before we get to the giveaway, I would LOVE to introduce you to Ashley, as she shares her Arbonne Story...

"It is a cold February day and I am standing in my bathroom staring down at the words constantly flashing in front of my face every 2 seconds saying “PREGNANT” I honestly cannot begin to express the emotions that overtook me on that day.  I had just turned 29 years old, was working my dream job at a television station as a Sales Rep making 6 figures, had just bought a fabulous house in Cantun and had been dating my boyfriend for 9 months.  That day my life was forever changed.  I remember it so vividly.  Feeling nervous, anxious, excited, worried.  I knew this was going to change me and my life but little did I know just how much. 

Fast forward a little bit and it is November 5th 2009 and I give birth to a beautiful 9 lbs baby girl named Mattie.  I remember looking at her for the first time and knowing that everything from that point forward I would be doing for her.  It was no longer about ME and about what I wanted but it was about what was best for my daughter and her life.  So I made the tough decision and decided to leave my 6 figure job to stay at home and raise my daughter. 

Fast forward again and my daughter is celebrating her 1 year birthday.  My savings has drastically dried up, I am constantly in sweatpants, I am in desperate need to talk to someone that can form a sentence and not drool on me and in dire need of wanting to create more options for not only myself but for my family.  Don’t get me wrong I LOVED being at home with my daughter and feel blessed that I was able to do so BUT I did feel like I was slowly loosing a piece of who I was and what I wanted out of life.  I truly didn’t think it was possible to have both.  Be a stay at home mom AND provide an amazing income and unlimited options while living life to the fullest….But if you ask my friends they would tell you I am very bull headed so I was determined to find something that fit my criteria….And THAT is where Arbonne comes into the picture.  

I had been using the Arbonne products at that time for a few years already and LOVED everything about the products and what the company stood for..from their Green Efforts to their Pure Ingredient Policy but I also was certainly NOT looking to start my own business.  BUT my consultant at the time, Lynne Flynne knew my situation and asked me to do something very harmless…she asked me to just listen, hear and find out more about the company and the income opportunity that was attached to these amazing products.  So I did....and what I found out blew me away and ignited a fire in my belly that I hadn't felt in a really long time.  I quickly realized that Arbonne was going to be my vehicle to the life I desired and more options. 

So I want you to close your eyes and imagine something for me..Imagine that you never had to hear an alarm clock again and that you woke up each and every morning naturally, Imagine that you were the boss and you could design what each and every day looked like…Imagine being surrounded with the most motivating, inspiring and successful people you know..Imagine working 10-15 hours a week  and matching what you made working 40-50 hours a week.  Imagine never again having to ask someone for time off to go on vacation or to go to your child's school events…Imagine earning a paid for Mercedes Benz, all inclusive trips, jewelry and flowers just for doing your job…Close your eyes and Imagine what you would be doing if time and money were of no concern??  Truly a lifestyle that gives you and your family more CHOICES and allows you to actually LIVE your life.  That is what this business has the ability to provide. 

That is what my life looks like now.  Two and a half years ago I jumped into something that I had NO IDEA what I was doing and had No idea where it was going to take me.  But I BELIEVED that this was my path and that this was going to provide me with what I needed and what my family needed.  You can have this too…We have a system in place that works.  How bad do you want it..are you coach-able, are you willing to follow the system…if you are…your life could look completely different a year from now.  We provide mentor-ship by successful people and your success is our success if you want it."

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