Friday, March 21, 2014

WNW Mega Last Matte Lipsticks Review & Swatches

Hello friends! Hope you are having a wonderful weekend. ♥  Well I did a little shopping today at CVS... I only intended to see if they had a certain lipstick from Wet n Wild, because I had recently heard about these really affordable lipsticks (only $1.99) in super cute shades. 

One really struck my eye was "Pinkerbell"... So I thought Id give that ONE a try to see if I liked them. Well I was bummed to find my CVS did NOT have the shade I wanted. :( Boo... BUT on the plus side, I came in at the right time. Turns out CVS has a sale on WNW (among other sales) this week, which was buy one get one 50% off.

Well, that just gave me the urge to pick up a few (6) shades to try. I figured if I didn't like them, at least it wasn't a huge loss. However I am happy to say that I LOVE these! I am extremely impressed by them, and plan to get more soon. And hopefully I can find the one I originally wanted too!
So, these are supposed to be long wearing with a semi-matte/cream finish. I will say that they can go on a little chalky/dry. However, I found that if you put a little bit of lip balm on before you apply the lipsticks, they glide on super creamy and easy.

As for them being long lasting, the claim is that these lipsticks should last 4 hours! I did not put them all to the test of time... However I totally believe they will be long wearing. Most of the ones I tried have a bit of a staining affect to them, which helps them stay on a long time!

Even after I wiped the last swatch (Sugar Plum Fairy) off my lips, I still had a nice color stain. After that I applied a lip gloss, and that color blended with the gloss and stayed on my lips all day!
Alright, I guess I should tell you what colors I got right? Here is a list of the ones I got, in the same order of the swatches as in the photo above:
901B Think Pink
966 Dont Blink Pink
905D Smokin Hot Pink
910D Red Velvet
965 Cherry Picking
908C Sugar Plum Fairy.
Below you can see them swatched on my lips, with two lip photos. The top one shows the lipstick on in natural light, the bottom one shows the lipstick on in natural light with a camera flash. 
I tried my best to reflect the colors as true as possible, but of course the colors will vary slightly to seeing them in real life.







I never thought I would have such a hard choice picking a favorite. But I really LOVE all of these colors. Even the darker more vampy 'Sugar Plum Fairy', which I felt would be totally out of my comfort zone....

Maybe you can choose? Which is your favorite?

So my over all thoughts:
LOVE THEM. The Price is great (even better one sale!) but at $1.99 for this quality and color pay off, you cant beat it!

The only bad things I have to say is as I mentioned before, these can be somewhat dry/chalky... But again, adding a touch of lip balm before applying solves that problem completely!

And the other thing would be packaging... Its very light/cheap packaging, that I was worried could break easily. Also with that, the lids seem to be a pain to take off. You have to pull real hard, and a couple times I nicked the lipstick. :( AGAIN, at $1.99 per lipstick, its not that big a deal.

So for the price you sacrifice packaging, however the product itself is amazing! I highly recommend!

Much Love & Hugs,
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  1. I keep reading about these.. I need to try them out! I love the color for Don't Blink Pink :D


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