Tuesday, April 8, 2014

1 Palette, 3 Looks - Featuring the UD Ammo Palette

Hey friends! Thanks for visiting today. :) Recently I asked on my facebook page, what kinds of looks you would like to see more of. And the majority of you said you'd love to see more wearable looks, and also more tutorials on how to create them. So I came up with an idea that I believe would be useful to everyone! 

Using 1 Palette, I will create 3 wearable looks, ranging from neutral to dramatic, and I would like to make into a series, featuring a different palette each time. Today I am featuring the Ammo Palette! I wont have step by step photos, but will share what shades I used and where.

Look 1 (neutral)
I used  Bella Pierre makeup base, as a eye primer for each look here.
Apply 'Sin' all over lid to brow bone
Apply 'Smog' to crease using windshield wiper motion.
Apply 'Smog' to lower lash line

Bonus look (Adding on to Look 1)
Apply a touch of 'Last Call' to the outer corners of the lid for a little more dimension.

Look 2 (a touch of color)
Apply 'Maui Wowie' from inner corner to middle lid, and then to brow bone.
Apply 'Shattered' to rest of lid.
Apply 'Chopper' to crease and lower lash line

If blue isn't your color (it's not mine!) You can swap the blue shade for 'mildew', 'last call' or 'grifter'. Which ever you feel would best suit your eyes!

Look 3 (dramatic)
Apply 'Oil Slick' to lids and lower lash line.
Apply 'Last Call' to crease and blend a touch onto lower lash line as well.
Apply 'Sin' to brow bone and lightly blended to inner corner.

 If this too dramatic you can always use 'smog' or 'copper' as the transition (crease) color,
for a neutral smokey eye.

Well I hope you found this post helpful! If you like the idea of making this a series, I'd love to have your suggestions on what Palette you would like me to use next!?

Also, if you are interested in more looks using this palette, I have more here, here, and here!

Much Love & Hugs,
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