Thursday, April 10, 2014

Nutra-Lift Simply Superb Shampoo Review

Disclosure: I got this product as part of an advertorial.
Hello Beauties! Today Ive got a Shampoo review to share with you. Now I will admit now that its not often that I get excited about a shampoo. I usually switch up my shampoo each time I run out because I'm usually not loving it enough or impressed to keep using it. The only exception to that would be a certain 3 Minute Miracle Deep conditioner I LOVE.

So, when I tell you that I would totally (and most likely will) purchase and use this Nutra-Lift Simply Superb Shampoo again, that is saying A LOT! Now before I go into more details on my thoughts... Let me just share a little more about this Shampoo:

"Nutra-Lift® Simply Superb Shampoo with GOAT MILK for more Beautiful Hair.

A premium gentle, daily, sulfate free shampoo infused with luxurious pure silk for shiny and vibrant hair. A shampoo that moisturizes and conditions with Goat's Milk. Including a Natural and Organic, delicious blend of aromatic, anti-oxidant rich herbs for a healthy scalp. Especially formulated for people with sensitive skin. Pure and natural for beautiful hair. Many people with eczema, psoriasis, acne, extra dry skin, oily skin, combination skin, or sensitive skin find using goat milk personal care products very beneficial. Great for normal hair. Excellent for dry damaged hair. "

Ok back to my thoughts....

First off, it smells amazing! To me it sort of has a mild rose scent to it, as well as a sort of Chai Tea scent. I cant quite explain the scent, but its lovely.

Right off the bat I noticed the bottle read 'Conditioning Shampoo'.... So instantly I thought "We'll see about that!". I put it to the ultimate (in my opinion) test, by using this shampoo ALONE - with no conditioner. I was nervous, because I literally cannot, NOT use conditioner! Even a 2 in 1 (Shampoo/Conditioner) combo does not work for me. I'd still need to use a conditioner afterwards. My hair is very wavy, thick, and also very dry and damaged from dying it so much... See why I said this would be the Ultimate Test!?

So I did as the directions said; apply small amount, lather, allow to set on hair for 30 seconds for nutrients to penetrate hair. And actually I let it set for probably a minute or two, while I washed my face or body... The Results? I am excited (and surprised even) to tell you that it passed the test! As I was rinsing my hair, I could actually finger through my hair the same as if I had just used conditioner (because I cant finger through my hair after just shampoo). THAT surprised me.

Once I got out and towel tried my hair, it was still very easy to brush through (video demo below), not as easy as it would be if I HAD also used an additional conditioner, but a lot easier than if I had just used another brand of shampoo. Now I dont see any reason why you shouldn't use an additional conditioner if you'd like, but I decided not to just to put this Shampoo to the test! And it surpassed my expectations!

Now it has been about 3 weeks since using this shampoo exclusively, and my hair is definitely softer and more manageable! With each use my hair felt softer and softer! I didn't even think that was possible for my bleached, dyed and fried hair (with out a deep conditioning hair repair mask)! To make sure it wasn't just my imagination, I asked my niece if my hair felt different to her as she was curling my hair one day. And she said it definitely felt much softer!

I absolutely recommend this shampoo, I am extremely pleased (and surprised) by this Shampoo. And I plan to purchase more! Even though the bottle is smaller in size compared to other shampoo's, and has a much higher price point ($19), I can say its still very worth it, especially if you dont need to also purchase conditioner! I have been using for just over 3 weeks now, and still have half a bottle left. So it should last, in total, about a month and a half... Maybe longer for others. I found that because my hair is thicker and longer, I did need to use a little more (or apply twice) to get a good lather going.

-Smells Great
-Can be used without additional conditioner
-Makes hair softer and more managable
-Sulfate Free
-Especially Formulated for Sensitive Skin
-Uses Goats Milk, Pure Silk and other natural ingredients

-Higher Price Point ($19)
-May go a little quicker for those who have longer/thicker hair

Alrighty, now for the demo! I decided to make a little video showing you how easily I was able to brush through my hair after using this shampoo, even without a conditioner! If you have thick/wavy and damaged hair similar to mine, you know just how impressive this is!

I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers. Much

Love & Hugs,
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