Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Plexus Slim (Weight Loss Drink) Review

Hello, hello sweet friends! Today I have a WEIGHT LOSS Product review to share with you. This review has been a LONG time coming, but I for one reason or another kept putting it on the back burner. A BIG part of the reasons for that I was actually considering selling Plexus. YES, I liked it THAT much. So that right away tells you something. ;) I finally decided I just dont want to commit to selling anything right now, however, maybe in the future I might.

Moving on, lets just get to the review now shall we? Plexus Slim is described from the site as: "the most-natural, healthy solution to help you lose weight and inches by burning fat, not muscle. Slim also helps keep blood sugar, cholesterol and lipids at healthy levels. In addition, Slim helps reduce binge eating and increases your willpower over food. Simply pour into a bottle of water 30 minutes before a meal, drink, and experience the results you’ve been dreaming of"

Sounds amazing, right!? Also sounds too good to be true, too, huh? Believe me, I feel you on that. I am always skeptical of anything claiming to help you lose weight. I am skeptical if it can and will REALLY WORK? Or be a waste of Money? But my biggest concern (as I am sure would be most of yours) is... Is it safe? Or can this be harmful to my health?

I will address those factors soon, but first, let me just tell you what I received. My sweet bloggy friend Mandy (you may know her as the beauty behind Life Songs Of A Busy Mom) asked me if I would be interested in trying. She had tried it herself, and loved it so much, she decided to sell Plexus. She is familiar with my weight loss story, and knew I hadn't used any supplements or "diet" kind of things to help, but thought I may want to give Plexus a try.

I was at a plateau point, in my journey, and frustrated by my lack of "progress". So I thought, what the heck, I am gonna give this a try! She sent me a full bag of Plexus Slim and the Accelerator... As shown/described in the photo below.

Now before I got any further with my result or thoughts, let tell you right away....  Yes, I spoke with my Doctor about Plexus to make sure it was ok for me to take. And not only for me, but because I really wanted to be sure of safety before recommending a product like this on my blog to anyone else!
Well my Doctor said it was completely safe. Even better, as she read over all the ingredients, she was very impressed that all the ingredients could easily be read and she knew what each one was. So, nothing crazy or dangerous in it. And again, she said I was fine to take and use it.

With my doctors approval, I began using it. Now, I only had a month supply... So I thought it would be best to use it sparingly, only on the days I was working out. I was loving it. It definitely helped me with my energy for workouts. However, when Mandy checked in with me, and I told her how I was using it, this is what she informed me:

"I will tell you though that they found if you don't use it everyday, the weight loss effects are not as great, as if you take it everyday to keep it in your system It's important to keep it in your system everyday so your sugar levels stay level and your body is able to let go of that fat that it holds onto when your sugar levels are not balanced. I know the stuff is expensive so I'm sure you wanted to save it, but if you do want the full effect of it; use it everyday. I think you'll be very pleased!"

So after that, I decided to go ahead and take it EVERY day! Along with giving me more energy, I definitely notice it curbed my appetite. I did find that more than anything, (concerning my appetite) it made me REALLY thirsty. Which I liked, because I need to drink more water. And for a while I hadnt been doing so great at staying hydrated. But while with drinking plexus I am drinking plenty of water.

Right away once I starting to take plexus everyday I lost 3 pounds. That weight loss was within a 10 days period! Which may not seem like much, but at that time I was only able to make it to the gym 2 days (instead of my usual 5) and I had one total junk food & wine day hanging with my bestie.With all that considered, I was wow'd by the results!

Over all...It was with Plexus that I finally got passed my plateau, and hit my smallest weight of 163 pounds! I am in a size 6 pants now! AND I even had a measurement LOSS in my arms! I know I have not done a weight loss update with measurements in ages, BUT if you remember... My arms were the ONE thing on my body that was NOT improving. And I lost an INCH! AN INCH! I tell you, I was jumping up and down in excitement over that victory! ♥

So, what do I think of Plexus? Does it work? Do I recommend it? I love it, and YES AND YES! The down side of it all, is that yes, it IS pricey. BUT I would love to encourage you to join Mandy's Plexus group on Facebook! You can request to join here. She shares LOTS of helpful info there, and often does giveaways! You can also request info from her about joining with Plexus (becoming an ambassador) and getting a pretty big discount on products.

You can also find Mandy's Plexus Website here, and like her on facebook here!

Much Love & Hugs,
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  1. Awesome review, thanks for sharing.

  2. Thank you so very much and I'm so happy you love it like I do :)


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