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My Hair Routine with Curly Hair Solutions Silk Leave-In Conditioner

Disclosure: I got this product as part of an advertorial.
Hello beauty babes! Today we are going to be talking about hair... Well, my hair at least. :) I consider my hair to be curly, though really I guess its more wavy with some soft curls, than just curly. I feel super blessed to have the hair that I do, because its seriously the most easy to maintain. Or so it seems to me, as I dont have any other kind of hair but my own! HA! Or maybe its just the fact that I am SUPER low key when it comes to hair care. Let me just give you the low down on my hair routine to give you some perspective. 
-I only wash my hair about once every three days, as most girls do these days. Dont be grossed out, I still shower! I workout 5 days a week, showers are a MUST, I just dont wash my hair or even get it wet when I do. For me I find that my hair is easier to deal with on the 2nd or 3rd day after washing.

-I hardly ever brush my hair! I will brush my hair once, right after my shower on the day I wash it. That's it! After that, I wont brush my hair again, until I wash it again.

-After my hair is washed and brushed, I add in product... There are 4-5 products I rotate using in my hair. Two products are specifically for curly hair, the others are some kind of anti-frizz/conditioning serums. Curly Hair Solutions Silk Leave in conditioner is the newest addition to my hair routine, but Ive been using it for a little over a month now. Sometimes I typically use a combination of 2-3 of the products. For review purposes, I decided to ONLY use Curly Hair Solutions Leave in conditioner.

-Once product is added I let my hair air dry. Usually in a low bun for a little while, then I'll let my hair down to completely dry through.

And that is ALL I do with my hair. Easy Peasy, right!? I always get complimented on my hair, and it makes me smile, cause literally I do nothing with it most days. After the first day of washing/brushing/adding product, I do not do anything else with my hair... Aside from maybe put it in a pony-tail, bun or pull it out of my face with bobby pins. Still I do not brush or comb it or add any additional product to it, with the exception of dry shampoo when needed. But basically I sleep on it, and let it be as is when I wake up.

Considering, I hardly ever use any heated styling tools for my hair (unless its a special occasion and I want formal curls or straight hair), you would think my hair would be in great condition, right!? Well, wrong, as you can see I DO dye my hair. On top of that, my hair is naturally on the dry side. So with that and my natural wavy texture, my hair does tend look brittle and damaged not to mention is can frizz easily. Which is why I use the hair serums.

I am not one who gets crazy excited about hair styling tools, but I DO get excited about hair care products. Which is why I was thrilled to get the chance to review this leave in conditioner. Now that you know a little bit about my hair history and routine, let me tell you about this product!
Curly Hair Solutions™ Silk Leave-in Conditioner smoothes the rough cuticles that are responsible for frizzy flyaway hair. Silk Leave-in Conditioner is non-greasy curly hair product that never builds up, so you can use a generous amount against high humidity and high heat appliances such as irons & hair-dryers. Silk Leave-in Conditioner leaves your hair feeling clean, shiny and soft.  
You can see in the first few photos shown here (the one above, and the two right below this) how my hair looks using this leave in conditioner. These first 3 photos were taken on "first day hair" (washed, brushed, leave in conditioner added) after it has air dried. I am in LOVE with the result. No frizz going on here at all! And even though my hair is super damaged at the end where it has been bleached, my hair still looks healthier, shiny and soft. 
I do apologize for not having "before" type photos of how awful my hair looks without product, but to be honest I cant stand the feeling and look of my hair without some kind of product in it, so I never got around to getting pictures of my hair without anything in it to compare it to, for you to see. You must just TRUST me that its bad enough for me to not want to use this product in my hair in order to show you!

Something interesting I noticed about my hair after using this product, was that on the second day my hair actually looked softer, and a little more relaxed... Almost STRAIGHTER. Now typically with "second day hair" and any other product, my hair will tend to be a little more frizzy, curlier and messy. Obviously, because I have slept on it and what not...

However with Curly Hair Solutions Silk Leave-in Conditioner, that wouldnt happen! My hair was in fact, softer, my curls looser and straighter... As you may be able to tell in the next 3 photos below. These photos were taken the very NEXT day, after being slept on, again un-brushed, and no additional product was added.
Now I am not sure if this is something that is typical or that's supposed to happen. I cant even guess WHY it happened... All I know is that, this is what happened on the 2md & 3rd day when using this product... AND that I actually really really like that.
Recently I was able to get my hair trimmed of all the yucky dead/split ends, and also dyed back to one solid color. Of course I still continued to use my Curly Hair Solutions Leave-in Conditioner. And here are some photos of that. These 4 photos below, again are "first day hair" after being naturally air dried, with no additional products added.
 I just love the perfect texture it gives me! You can see that up close here...
My over all thoughts....

I am thoroughly enjoying this product. As I mentioned before, I typically use 2-3 products in my hair to maintain frizz-free soft hair. With this CHS Leave-in Conditioner, my hair was perfect using is all by itself.

Even though I love this product for my wavy hair, it is supposed to be even more amazing for REALLY Curly Hair... You must check out the before and after photos from their site.

Things to note:

-Consistency is different than most leave-on conditioners I have tried before. Typically they are very thick. This one has a thinner consistency, that is easy to use and work into your hair! (See keek video below to see the consistency)

-Scent. This stuff has an amazing scent. It smells like stuff used in salon, I couldnt quite put my finger on it, but I am thinking it reminded me of the scent Pearatin has, if you are familiar with that product.

-MAY make hair feel a little oily. This one may be different for others... Considering I dont wash my hair often. I just must note that by the 3rd day, my hair was a little more oily than it typically would have been. Of course, this is after 3 days of not washing my hair. So of course there will be dirt/oil build up... But since this is what I normally do, I did notice that was a difference. But again, this may never even be a problem for you if you wash your hair more regularly than I do. AND it was nothing that some dry shampoo couldn't fix!

Keek video of consitency.

I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.

Much Love & Hugs,
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  1. I also did a post for the 2014 Blogger Challenge about how I deal with my wavy hair. Great post btw!

  2. Your hair is beautiful! My hair has gotten thinner and much curlier over the last couple of years thanks to meds and probably menopause. This sounds like just what I need. I am having to let my hair grow out because I just don't have the strength to style it. But I have a drawer full of "stuff" that just doesn't work for me! I sure hope I can get some of this!


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