Thursday, May 29, 2014

Non-Scale Victories

Hello my sweet friends, thanks for stopping in to visit with me today. Today, I have a "weight-loss" update of sorts to share... I know I have not posted on my weight loss journey in a while. And well if you know me, you may have guessed the reason why. Usually when I am not making "progress" in my journey, I tend to feel inadequate to write an inspirational post, or an update post with "nothing" to update you on. Since I have been at a plateau in my weight loss, I just been focusing more on other topics here on the blog... Putting this update to the back-burner.  However, when I realized just how long it has been since my last weight loss update, I figured I better quit feeling sorry for myself and just share...

I've realized before, that just because I am at a plateau, doesn't mean there is nothing inspirational or important for me to share... After all, in the process of ANY weight loss journey it's important to focus on more than just what the scale says.... Ive mentioned before when I was at a previous plateau that I started taking measurements too because even though the scale wasn't budging, I was still losing inches, and that was a positive thing!

Well... What happens when there is plateau in both scale and measuring tape? Should we feel guilty or anger, or disappointment in ourselves and (lack of) progress? HECK NO.

I started thinking about the positive things, rather than wallowing in negative thinking... Sure it can be frustrating when the scale isnt moving, but its in times like this when we need to focus on the POSITIVE little things, that have nothing to do with a scale... We call these Non Scale Victories!

These may seem little, unimportant things to some... But to ME, and to others on a weight loss journey, these are HUGE Victories that we should celebrate and appreciate just as much as a lost pound or inch. So in an effort to change my thinking to a positive note... I made out a list of MY own none-scale victories, and I encourage YOU to do the same.. I dare you even to share them with me here today!

~Being confident enough to workout alone.
~Looking forward to going to the gym instead of dreading it.
~Having a normal bath towel (fit) all the way around me, not a huge over-sized beach towel.
~Maintaining my weight... Its a whole lot better than gaining! And something to count as a Victory!
~Being able to cross my legs – I mean actually crossing them over the knee and not having to rest my ankle on my knee because my legs are so big.
~Being able to buy clothes that are not considered a “plus size" (fitting into a medium!)
~Having longer endurance & energy at the gym, or even just playing with my kids
~Not getting winded walking up stairs or hills.
~Being able to lift more/do more reps while training.
~Having more confidence in myself, my abilities, and my self-worth.
~The Fact that I can actually wear boots/zip them over my calves
~Looking forward to going to the gym instead of dreading it.

And lastly/most impressively is being on the WALL OF CHANGE at my gym.....

This is seriously a HUGE victory for BOTH my sister and I. What an honor it was to even be asked to be featured at our gym, and be the inspiration for the start of the Wall of Change
(just fyi - these photo of the posters were taken with  my phone, so the quality isn't that great)

Our Shirts are from Strong Confident You!
Even though there are still moments here and there, when I get down and frustrated about the SLOW progress of my weight loss journey... I know I have many VICTORIES to celebrate. I am THANKFUL each and every one of them and for how far I have come. I am determined to keep it up. 

Mostly I feel blessed to be able to walk into my gym, see my picture on the wall as motivation and inspiration... Not just for others... But for myself as well! I see these posters on the wall, and I KNOW just how far I have come, and see how much the hard work has paid off. I see these posters, and I am reminded and determined to keep pushing forward. And even if I never lose another pound, I can be proud of the progress I have made, and happy that I am living a healthier life than the one I was living in the "before" picture.

What about you? What are your non-scale victories?

Much Love & Hugs,
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  1. Fabulous post! You give me extra motivation to keep going :)
    So, losing weight is hard....losing "medication weight" is really hard too... But now that I'm healthier & able to work out I AM ON A MISSION! This is week 8 of my Beachbody work out, only 2lbs lost but I can see that medication bloatedness (is that a word?) slowly shrinking.... My arms are slowly showing some definition again, I'm progressing up in weights (I feel stronger), I'm actually able to get more than my shoulder blades off the ground while doing abs, and even though I still can't fit back into my regular clothes....the tights I bought last summer aren't painfully cutting into my stomach when I sit down...definitely non-scale victories :)

    1. Ohhh those are fabulous NSV!!! Thanks for sharing them Sandra. I know you have a harder battle to fight with medication weight. I personally have not had to deal with it, but know others who have. Its not fun, and definitely not easy. I am so proud of you though! Doing amazing!! Big hugs to you!!


  2. I love this! Sometimes the littel victories are actually the biggest ones!

  3. That is so cool that they put you up on the wall as an example! Way to go, Maria!

  4. It makes me so happy to read posts like this :)
    I started my journey 2 years ago at 242 lbs, step by step I stoped with sodas and shitty foods, started walking, powerwalking, jogging then running ;)
    Today I have lost 94,6 lbs, I run 6-7 miles 2-3 times/week and I do Freeletics (just starting out there) at least 3 times/week, I also have some target training for the running (calves, ankles, knees, buttocks, hips and lower back, I have some problem with my knees)
    For some, maybe this isnt so hard or sounds like much, but for me, a whole new world.
    I guess I've been lucky even though I have asperger, ADHD and Tourette's, I'm so used to having to fight for everything in my life, which has made me very stubborn, that is really an asset in this situation.
    On the other side ADHD complicates routine management and the classic symptoms of autism, the sensitivity of all impressions, tend to overflow, so I dont have the opportunity to train in a gym, which can be a bit sad, but I wont let that get me down though :P

    Oh, sorry for rambling.
    What I wanted to write was that I am happy for your success in this battle, and I am glad that you are sharing this with all of us readers, its truly inspiring!
    I wish you all the best girl :)

    //someone ´n´ noone

    1. Oh dont worry about rambling! I love it! YOU are so very inspiring to me! Thats a lot to over-come along with weight and you sound like you are doing fantastic!! I can be very stubborn too! haha But this weight loss journey is definitely a battle with me!

      I am really thankful you shared some of your story with me! This is what I love, knowing I am not alone. Knowing that I can encourage and inspire others... And especially hearing from others who then in turn inspire me right back! YOU are amazing girl! Keep it up! ♥


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